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Love this? – We hope that you will love even more that we are very lean and function out of one small room in a house just outside Cambridge, UK. Children for Health pays £0.00 for rent. All office costs are kept to a minimum.

We know that our friends want to support a charity that is well run and this means doing our admin efficiently too – like book-keeping, filing accounts, working with our Trustees and setting up good systems. We also have to invest in developing and sustaining relationships with donors and partners – and there are costs involved in this too. We are proud to estimate that no more than 10% of a donation is spent on maintaining our efficient systems. 90% of your donation is spent on the work that has a direct impact on the lives of children in developing countries.

Please help us if you can with either a donation or an introduction to people that you know who would be interested helping us grow stronger, faster.

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At its simplest, Children for Health’s mission is to get every primary school aged child in the world learning and sharing 100 health messages with their younger siblings friends and family. Sounds far-fetched? We have as allies some of the best movers and shakers in international health who are helping us to make this happen. They are depending upon us more and more for our child-friendly content that they can use in their programmes. So we are very small charity punching well above our weight.


Support Children for Health’s initiative to get essential health education into the hands of children in developing countries!

Stories for Health are fun and engaging children’s storybooks; books that help children learn and share essential health education. Sharing knowledge, saving lives.

Distributed through partners we predict that theses books will be heard and read by tens of thousands of children across the globe. With the help of allies like, Translators Without Borders, we will be able to translate each storybook into as many languages as there is demand for the Stories. The books can be re-purposed for e-readers (e.g. tablets and mobile phones).

Children for Health wants to create Stories for Health to cover each of our 10 different health topics. With your generous support, we have already secured funding for two of our books (Nutrition and Hygiene). Our eight remaining topics are: Malaria; Diarrhoea; Coughs, Colds & Pneumonia; Caring for Young Babies & Children; Intestinal Worms; Immunisation; HIV & AIDS; and Accidents & Preventing Injuries.

We use professionals to create Stories for Health, and each book costs us £5,000 to produce – to write, illustrate, edit, translate and publish. We have story books on two of our ten health topics plus we have a story book on Ebola. We are looking for donations (both large and small) to help us complete a set of 10 .

Become a Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsor!

Gold Sponsor £5,000+ With your permission, you will be credited on the front page of a specific storybook as its sole sponsor, and acknowledged on our website.
Silver Partner £500+ With your permission, you will be credited as one of the main partners in the creation of a specific storybook.
Bronze Donor £30+ With your permission, you will be acknowledged on our website as one of the donors to the Stories for Health project.

If you would like to support a particular book/topic, please let us know.

ZuZu & ZaZa

Buy a pair of these adorable scarlet macaw parrots – ZuZu & ZaZa – and support Children for Health!

For just £29.99, you can become the proud owner of our wonderful Children for Health ambassadors. 100% of the profit will go to support our charity and its work in developing countries, getting essential health education to children.

ZuZu & ZaZa – a perfect present for your children, godchildren, friends and family! A great gift with a great cause: sharing knowledge, saving lives.

So don’t delay! Submit your order here!

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