Plans For the Future

March 2017…

We pride ourselves on being a very lean organisation. We pay no rental costs for our office and we keep our running costs to a minimum. Most staff time is spent on programmatic work.

This year we want to work on making sure that those who know, like and trust our content and activities can access this and use it easily. We seek partnerships that can help us scale.

As funds allow, we will grow our library of books, posters and resource guides.

We have on-going commitments to exciting programmes in India, Nigeria and Mozambique.

We have new partnerships growing in Ghana.

In addition, we are working on three specific goals and actively seeking partnerships and funding to achieve these goals. In all cases we are optimistic that we can secure matched funding.

1. To set up a Children for Health Online School

Using a digital learning platform (such as ‘Teachable’) we wish to set up courses for educators and parents to equip them with the knowledge  skills and support to practice participation of children in health. We expect our learners to access theses course on the mobile phone. In time we expect to have a course in each of our topics , a foundation course and a course on monitoring and evaluation.

2. To design and start to conduct research at graduate or post-graduate level linked to an academic institution and one of our partnership programmes.

We feel it is essential that we participate in building the evidence of an approach which has such great potential to radically re-imagine health education for young adolescents in the global south.

3. To establish a ‘Children for Health Model School’ in the Machakos district of Kenya.

We are delighted to have been ‘found’ by old friends in a rural part of Kenya. Educators who Clare worked with in the late 1990’s. They want her back and to bring all the relevant content and activities Children for Health has to offer. We want to begin with just one school, and document the process of transforming health education with this school and community in detail. We wish to use VR film technology to help us do this and to inspire audiences to understand the true potential of young adolescents to transform health in their community. We wish to explore how mobile technology can support the process at all stages of this exciting programme.

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