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Immunisation content from the blog…

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Children can
learn, collect & share these messages!



MAKE our own Immunisation Messages using our own words in our own language!

LEARN these messages so we never forget them!

ADD these messages to our collection!

SHARE these messages with other children and our families!


MAKE posters for immunisation days and display them where everyone can see them.

MAKE a play about stopping the killer diseases harming children in our village.

MAKE a story with pictures of superhero immunisations fighting the deadly diseases to protects us.

THERE are 25 diseases that can be prevented by immunisation, make a poster that shows all of them as microbes.

MAKE up a play or story about Aunty Body – the kind, strong protector that keeps safe and well.

LEARN about each of the diseases and share what we learn with our parents. Make a poster of the diseases and how to recognise them.

MAKE a birthday card for a new baby and their mother with the times of their immunisations to wish them a happy and healthy first year of life!


FIND out about the 25 diseases immunisations protect us against.

FIND out more about polio and helping children with disabilities.

READ the story about the Killers’ Committee and then make a story of our own.

TAKE a quiz to find how much we know about immunisation.

FIND out which immunisations we need more than once. We can help find children who have missed immunisations and remind them on immunisation day.

FIND out what the disease’s evil super powers are and how immunisation protects us.

CHECK everyone in our class and our teachers have all had their immunisations.

FIND out if my country has special immunisation days and health weeks when all children and babies can go for immunisations.

FIND out if anyone in my family has missed their immunisations so they can catch up.


ABOUT immunisations in my country and when we can get immunised.

DO you know the six killer diseases? Diphtheria, Measles & Rubella, Pertussis, Tuberculosis, Tetanus & Polio

IF anyone in our family had one of the killer diseases and find out what happened to them.

When teaching children these messages, it can be be hard to hold their interest in the topic and keep energy up. For ideas on keeping children engaged and excited, look at Closing Games & Activities.

  1. Immunisation means being protected against a disease.
  2. When we have a disease, harmful germs can enter our bodies and cause us to be ill.
  3. To fight disease, our body produces antibodies and these antibodies fight the germs. After the fight, antibodies remember the germs and can fight even better if the germs come into the body again.
  4. Vaccines by injection or mouth teach the body to make antibodies against a certain disease.
  5. To be able to fight some diseases, you need to have vaccinations more than once to build up enough antibodies.
  6. Vaccinations save millions of lives! They prevent or weaken the effect of diseases like measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, and tetanus and COVID-19.
  7. To protect our body, it is best to be vaccinated before the germs enter our body BUT we can be vaccinated and protected at any age.
  8. Every country has a vaccination schedule showing which vaccine to get at what age and how often to get it.
  9. After some vaccinations, we can feel a little tired, weak or have a sore arm or develop a fever. This is normal. The body is using energy to develop antibodies to make the body stronger.
  10. Some people are afraid of vaccines or can have strong feelings against them, but health workers and the scientists who created the vaccines want people to live healthy lives. Listen to their advice.