How We Work

In General…

  • We champion the role of children as promoters of good health whenever and wherever we can.
  • We continuously develop The Children for Health Collection of child friendly messages, materials and methods.
  • We continuously collect Children for Health related news and experiences.

We have been described us as ‘a catalyst’, ‘a mentor’ and ‘a creative agency’. One thing we never strive to do is have our own projects – we believe there are enough of these. Our aim is to strengthen what already exists with great content and fun methods.

Children For Health is for anyone to use.

We hope that the materials, messages and methods inspire people to work with children closely and involve them in designing health education programmes. Children are a great untapped resource. Children have energy and enthusiasm. Children love to communicate with each other. However health education is often taught in a way that does not excite or engage children.

When we listen to children’s ideas PLUS encourage children to design their own actions to take in their families PLUS observe and praise this and recognise them for what they do we create young health workers!

Children For Health is a HUB. So if you wish to create and share your materials on a particular health topic or on with us  – we would love to hear from you. These materials must be easy enough for older children and their parents and educators to understand and freely available. We can either insert a link to your materials to download or you can feature your materials in our collection. We love to collect and share stories, lessons, photos, news, radio shows, pictures, games, quizzes, cartoons, videos for children, parents and educators of all kinds. So please contact us if you have something you think all those who use Children for Health will enjoy.

Stories about how people and projects we know are planning to use Children for Health ideas and materials, click here for three stories.

Children for Health works in 4 specific ways

  1. We have created 100 MESSAGES for children to learn and share. We have numerous resources linked to these messages and topics and we run a topic-focussed mini campaign one topic per month for 10 months of the year!
  2. We OPTIMISE PROGRAMMES. This means that if you have a health education programme and you want to know how to reach children and young people more effectively – we can help – we have a suite of services and our staff have 26 years of experience in the field to draw upon!
  3. We are working with front-line practitioners to develop meaningful teaching tips and tools that can be delivered on mobile. These projects fall under our M CHILDREN umbrella;
  4. We are working towards conducting Children For Health related ACTION RESEARCH to ensure that we are testing ourselves and making sure we are growing an evidence base for our work. We advocate for research on children as health messengers and facilitate connections between partners and academic departments whenever we can.