Meet the Team

Children for Health was launched at London’s National Theatre on 7th March, 2013. We became a registered charity four months later – on 7th​ July, 2013.

The team consists of Clare Hanbury, Founder and CEO of Children for Health, working with a group of consultants, volunteers, students and associates. Thank you in particular to Amy, George, David & Liz. Thank you too to our very active Trustees: Tobias, Madeleine, Anise & Shelley.

In the early days we would not be what we are without wise counsel and support from Ian, Claire, Helen, Ken, David, Ellie, Jay, Mark, Mel, Dominic, Kirsten, Bibiche, Lourenco, Steve, Nate, Madeleine, Anise, Stephen, Paula, Shelley, Satchee, Jenny, George and Mike A – who have all given their time and made a significant contribution to our work since we launched.

In 2015 our inaugural, “Hawes and Morely Prize for Outstanding Partnership” was awarded to Bibiche Sangwa and Lourenco Govate, both colleagues in the Mozambique-based PCAAN programme. In 2016, this prize was awarded to Paula Valentine, Save the Children.

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Clare Hanbury, Director

Clare has worked in international education and development since 1983. She is first and foremost a practitioner. Clare started her career as a classroom teacher and worked in schools in Kenya and Hong Kong. For seven years, Clare was the programme officer for The Child-to-Child Trust. During that time she was involved in work with numerous UN organisations and international non-government organisations like Save the Children promoting children’s participation in health. She also worked with several Ministries of Health and Education in countries in Africa training and developing teaching materials and health education curricula. Clare was the Director of the child-focused charity, Learning for Life UK, promoting education for girls in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Between 1999 to 2013, Clare worked as an independent consultant based in Cambridge. She is an expert in developing simple, effective information on child health and in promoting the participation of children in health. Clare has been employed by The Child-to-Child Trust, UNICEF, UNESCO, Save the Children, the UBS Optimus Foundation, The Government of Denmark (DANIDA), Save the Children UK, Learning for Life UK, Save the Children USA; and the School Health and Nutrition Network’s FRESH initiative funded by the World Bank. Clare has written or contributed to numerous publications. Have a look in our toolbox here.

Clare’s favourite thing is to be in the field with teachers, health workers and children or working on our website communicating what our amazing colleagues are up to.

David Gifford, Illustrator

  • Experience: 36 Years

David has worked for over 36 years as an illustrator in educational publishing with a focus on health messages for developing countries, such as ‘Children for Health’, UNICEF and ‘Child-to-Child’. He also works as a graphic facilitator and rich picture artist for organisations and companies such as the BBC, HM Gov, Imperial College, London Stock Exchange, NHS, Oxfam, and The Royal Mail. He is based in London, UK and is married to the writer Elisabeth Gifford.

Amy Collins, Website and Social Media

  • Experience: 20 years

Amy Collins joined the Children for Health team in 2013 she helps build and maintain the website and social media networks. She has been playing on and working with computers since she was five-years-old and built her first website in 1996. She is a community organiser and volunteer in Cambridge, UK.

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Shelley Shoaib le Breton, Trustee

Shelley has worked in the field of education for 20 years, 12 of which were spent working with UK-based NGOs supporting primary education programmes in South Asia. For the last eight years she has been working as a literacy and dyslexia tutor providing personalised support and coaching for students with learning differences.

Anise Waljee, Trustee

Dr. Anise Waljee’s global education work includes working with governments to reform the education systems and transform their in-service teacher training institutions (post-Soviet Tajikistan), teacher training programmes in early childhood education and primary education (Tanzania and Zanzibar) inclusive educational policy and practice (Ghana), evaluation of early childhood education and development of educational materials on issues as diverse as social cohesion and resilience, hygiene and nutrition, sexual health, inclusive education for various organisations including the Child to Child Trust, UNICEF, UNESCO, AbleChild Africa amongst others.

Her focus is on the marginalised (people with disabilities, the rural poor, ethnic and religious minorities, refugees) to ensure that their rights and the services due to them are respected. She works with local communities, local cultures and re-valuing local knowledge on issues such as bio-diversity and environmental change. Building local capacities is an important part of her work.

She is a Fellow of the Cambridge Central Asian Forum at the University of Cambridge. Her work encompasses curriculum and materials development, educational management, community mobilisation, capacity building, facilitating decentralisation, organisational change and school autonomy.

Anise speaks fluent English, Urdu, Tajik and Kiswahili.

Madeleine Kavanagh, Trustee

Madeleine is a communications specialist operating primarily in a change management environment. With over 20 years experience of working in communications-related roles in a variety of industries and sectors, Madeleine has a deep understanding of all aspects of how to engage with audiences, using both new and traditional media. Madeleine has provided on-going advice to Clare Hanbury regarding communications issues and much more!

Tobias Hanbury, Trustee and Acting Chair

Tobias is an experienced international executive. Tobias worked in the wines & spirits industry for 12 years in North-East Asia with Jardine Matheson, Diageo, LVMH and Bacardi-Martini before joining Coca-Cola Far East in 1997 as General Manager, based in Singapore.

After 4 years doing Business Development for Coca-Cola Brazil, Tobias was then President of the Brazilian operations of ISG, a UK-based stadium commercialisation company, whose Brazilian interests were acquired in 2012.

Since then, Tobias has been running his own marketing consultancy Hanbury Consultoria and helping to establish Children for Health. Tobias is based in Rio de Janeiro, and speaks fluent Portuguese and some Japanese.

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Bibiche Mwalutshie Sangwa, Outstanding Field Partner

Bibiche Sangwa is a language teacher, trainer and development consultant. She has taught English & French for more than 15 years in DRCongo and Mozambique. From 2011 to 2015 she worked as an adviser to the Danish Embassy in Mozambique working specifically on the Multi-Sectorial Plan for Reducing Chronic Malnutrition. For much of this time, Bibiche was broadly involved in planning, implementing, monitoring and institutional capacity building. Bibiche has also played a key role in coordinating and supporting the PCCAN programme – part of the Education sector’s strategy.

Bibiche has known Clare Hanbury, the CEO of Children for Health since November 2011 and has worked with Children for Health to study, test, analyse and evaluate the capacity and influence of children capacity as nutrition activists. Bibiche has worked as an interpreter and lead trainer and programme designer. Bibiche has helped to navigate the production of a suite of pedagogical resources for PCAAN. These form the backbone of the programme as it scales to other districts in Mozambique. Bibiche and one of the teachers involved in the programme, Lourenco Govate were the winners of the inaugural Children for Health Outstanding Partners prize 2015.

Lourenco Govate Luciano, Outstanding Field Partner

Since 2006, Lourenco has worked as an English Primary teacher at Tsangano Sede Primary School, Tete district. He also works part time at the local community radio station where he presents and produces local radio programs including programmes with and for local children. Also part time, Lourenco is studying computer based information technology and he enjoys teaching computer skills in his community when asked.

Since January 2014, Lourenco has been actively involved in advocating for the PCAAN Government nutrition education programme in Tsangano. Children for Health is a technical partner supporting this programme. In 2015 he became a formal part of the district monitoring team, providing targets on the implementation of PCAAN in schools. As part of his work to promote and strengthen PCAAN Lourenco is also learning film-making and video editing and is working with the Social Communication Institute of Tete Province.

Lourenco was awarded one of the two inaugural Outstanding Partnership prizes from Children for Health in 2015. He is a father of two.

Elisabeth Gifford, Writer

Elisabeth taught as a reading specialist in the UK for twenty years then gained a Masters degree in creative writing. She has written the biography of a couple who rescue abandoned babies in China, The House of Hope, and two historical novels.

A novelisation of children’s champion, Janusz Korczak, who cared for the children in his orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto will be published soon. She is married and has three children. Visit her website for more.

‘Liz’ has played a big part in developing most of the Children for Health story book titles.

Sarah Newton, Teenologist

Sarah Newton has a deep understanding of young people. She has shared her wisdom with millions who have tuned into her TV and radio shows, followed her writing and listened to her thought-provoking talks. A thought-leader in her field, her insight has been sought by such companies as MTV, Paramount, ITV, Boots and Proctor & Gamble. She’s also brought her fresh perspective to The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Mail by writing opinion pieces that often go viral.

After 26 years of collaborating with youth she is able to understand, interpret and predict their behaviour, often forecasting trends before they hit the mainstream. Sarah helps young people solve issues by using tactics derived from this collaboration. With a no-nonsense and down-to-earth demeanour, her holistic and innovative approaches have been used in schools, organisations, and homes to bridge the generation gap.

Sarah has known Clare Hanbury, our CEO and Founder since 2006 and has been sharing insights that have helped to develop Clare’s work and the Children for Health approach. Most recently, Sarah has been sharing a framework on Adolescent Behaviour Change and Development that we have adapted to help us design effective interventions with our programme partners.

Joana Molgaard, Translator

Joana is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been living in Cambridge, UK since 2013. Prior to that she spent seven years in Beijing, China where she studied Chinese language and culture and received her first Master’s degree in Contemporary China Studies from Renmin University.

Since moving to Cambridge, she has received her Mphil in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge. Joana has been working for Children for Health as a translator and editor for the PCAAN project in Mozambique.

Sarah Huxley, Field Associate

Sarah is a youth and adolescent development speacilist with a career spanning over 18 years. As a trained anthropologist and human geographer she has worked for a diverse range of organisations, from grass-roots NGOs to bi/multi lateral agencies and foundations, in the areas of programming, policy, advocacy, research and capacity building. Her special areas of interest are youth engagement, urban governance, non formal education, and gender and inclusion.

She has worked on a number of practical publications, including managing the production of the 2008-2010 DFID-CSO Youth Participation in Development Guide, which went onto influence youth policy globally. She was the lead writer for the first-ever crowdsourced online United Nations World Youth Report (2011), managed youth led research for UNHABITAT/ActionAid on youth concerns and solutions to city living (2015), and has designed a unique process the ‘ToyBoxMums Collective’ (2017) to empower young mums using user centered deign and stroytelling.

Sarah is in awe of the hundreds of young people she has been fortunate enough to meet over the years, and hopes that policy makers from every sector will acknowledge their positive contributions to society.


We do not employ interns, but we are very happy to hear from people who have a little free time to do something specific for us. This can be over the short or long term. Contact us to find out more.