Children for Health was launched at London’s National Theatre on 7th March, 2013. We became a registered charity four months later – on 7th​ July, 2013.

The team consists of Clare Hanbury, Founder and CEO of Children for Health, working with a group of consultants, volunteers, students and associates. Thank you in particular to Amy, George, David & Liz. Thank you too to our very active Trustees: Tobias, Madeleine, Anise & Shelley.

In the early days we would not be what we are without wise counsel and support from Ian, Claire, Helen, Ken, David, Ellie, Jay, Mark, Mel, Dominic, Kirsten, Bibiche, Lourenco, Steve, Nate, Madeleine, Anise, Stephen, Paula, Shelley, Satchee, Jenny, George and Mike A – who have all given their time and made a significant contribution to our work since we launched.

In 2015 our inaugural, “Hawes and Morely Prize for Outstanding Partnership” was awarded to Bibiche Sangwa and Lourenco Govate, both colleagues in the Mozambique-based PCAAN programme. In 2016, this prize was awarded to Paula Valentine, Save the Children.

Core Team


Field Associates


We do not employ interns, but we are very happy to hear from people who have a little free time to do something specific for us. This can be over the short or long term.