Speed Kills Children: Use The Vaccine

During this month of October, we are very pleased to highlight the work of the Child Health Initiative who is doing amazing work.

We love this booklet, Speed Kills Children: Use the Vaccine.

Published to coincide with 2017 UN Global Road Safety Week, this booklet highlights the benefits of speed management as a proven vaccine for reducing death and injury to children, and all road users. It urges accelerated effort to implement the ‘speed vaccine’ in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goal health target for road traffic injury reduction.

They’ve also produced a great film:

Have a look too at this great project in Mozambique and Botswana where government officials are being encouraged to support low cost footpaths and safe crossings for schoolchildren, in the latest phase of Amend’s campaign for safe and healthy journeys to school across Africa. AMEND is a road safety NGO focused on sub-Saharan Africa, that implemented a School Area Road Safety Assessments and Improvements (SARSAI) programme across ten African countries between 2017 and 19.