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From the desk of Clare Hanbury… In recent weeks, I’ve been wondering if there is anything my voice can add to the many great, great opinion pieces and efforts linked to the Black Lives Matter campaign… The wonderful Judith Morgan and Nicola Caincross debate – Using Your Platform and the

We love the ideas from The Virtues Project; we have two of their books and often refer to the pedagogy and activity ideas. One of the key ideas is The Empowering Educator and they are described as follows… This person is confident, assertive, kind and enthusiastic about her role. S/he

At present we are developing a new storybook title that focusses on ‘Girls in Sport’. One of the things we have been researching are games that children play in their free time or on the playground and we came up with quite a list! Here are three games we like.

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We were really pleased to look over the work of the Enabling Education Network this week. We love what they are doing with supporting innovation and critical thinking on inclusion, equity and rights in education and how they are doing it. We were especially inspired by their 10 videos and

Here is the 6th post in the series of 6 posts on ways that older children can use music to play with and care for younger siblings or friends. Walking together with your baby or young child to this lively song helps to develop large motor (physical) skills and is

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A Study of Pedagogy, Curricula, Teaching Practices and Teacher Education in Developing Countries. In the most comprehensive review to date of 489 studies, researchers commissioned by DFID identified three interactive strategies and six engaging teaching practices that effective teachers use in the classroom. Three interactive teaching strategies: Provide feedback, sustained

We really enjoyed this approach to problem solving and thought that our network might too! It comes from the desk of Steve Pavlina, we link to his other articles within this one. Below is an extract… Broken Edges What do you do when you know something isn’t quite working, such

Here is a publication that may be of interest to the Children for Health network… Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition: Volume 8. Child and Adolescent Health and Development. Download now. Here are Five Key Messages It takes 21 years (or 8,000 days) for a child to develop into an adult.

We were so delighted to be nominated and then chosen as the Charity of the Year by Homerton May Ball. Homerton is one of the colleges at the University of Cambridge. I trained to be a teacher there 1979-83. It was a fantastic course and a great experience. I’m still

At Children for Health we have been looking at ways in which children can help other children build resilience and promote mental health issues. We have been very pleased to come across the following acritcle. The Mental Health Innovation Network has many other useful resources and links too. An Integrated