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Small Charity, Big Achiever – Winners Video

Click the image above to watch the video now! We’re so happy to have won this award, for more about it and our win read here and here!

Using the 10 Malaria Messages in Schools

I am the head teacher of Mbane local primary school. We have recently started a malaria control programme. This means that we teach the children in our school about the dangers of malaria, how it is spread and how to prevent it. We also teach them to detect the early

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Community Newsletter June 2018

An exciting six weeks since our last newsletter in April! Malaria Poster Headline News! We published our Malaria Poster in May 14th and by the end of the month it had been downloaded over 900 times! 193 downloads in South Africa and just over 100 in Germany, the Sudan and

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A Malaria Campaign with Secondary School Students

This is the feedback we received from one Health Worker and Parent: I’m a parent and a health worker. I have a smart phone and I am able to download apps. I think the idea of Children for Health is a good one. Children in our community already help us

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Community Newsletter | March 2018

It’s already March so our first newsletter of the year comes very late! We do aim to publish one newsletter every month, but we have been slow off the blocks this year. We have a lot to report to our community! Money! Firstly, thanks to a lot of hard work

Newsletter 1st April 2017

1st April 2017 (no joke) Dear All It’s been a busy four weeks focusing mostly on completing three books for Save the Children for their Diarrhoea Prevention and Control programme in Lagos, Nigeria. Plus we have created a bookmark for the children! Plus we have written Teacher’s Guidelines for their

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Top 20 Achievements in 2016

It’s been an amazing year. So far in 2016, we have: Completed an evaluation of the work that children are doing in Mozambique in 15 schools. Twelve of these are in a rural area and three in an urban area. There are around 14,000 children touched by the project in

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Children as Nutrition Activists | Success in Mozambique

In Mozambique, the dreadful fact is that 38% of all children under-5 suffer from chronic malnutrition. In 2013, the Government launched a five-year national plan to reduce chronic malnutrition – called the PAMRDC. The objectives of this plan include strengthening nutrition education, improving the health of adolescent girls, reducing micronutrient

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Monitoring Tools | The Confidence Clock

Confidence Clock

This is a tool that helps an educator and the children in her group learn how confident children are feeling about a given task. The Confidence Clock can be used alongside asking children… to share a health message with classmates or at home; or to conduct or demonstrate activity at

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Vote with your Feet

‘Vote with your Feet’ is a method to check that children have learned health facts well. It can be used with any yes/no quizzes. Before the Session Create or find a suitable quiz (there are many to be found in each Children for Health topic). Create three signs by writing

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