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Young Voices Africa | Resources on Sex & Relationships

Young Voices Africa is an initiative of AVERT. See their website for the videos and information. The videos focussed on six characters – Spijo, Lineo, Martha, Babalwa, Chipo and Mwaise who are all facing dilemmas around sex and relationships – whether it’s dating older people, an unhealthy relationship, having sex without a condom, being

Bridging the Gap: Engaging with Adolescents

Study on Adolescent Nutrition

This is a FANTASTIC study – well worth downloading and reading. A fuller review will come in July during our Nutrition Month. Bridging the Gap: Engaging Adolescents for Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Development May 2018. WFP and Anthrologica Extract from the Forward When we first discussed the idea for this research

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Well-being and Resilience | A New Focus?

This year, we have started getting enquiries from programmes wanting to introduce or strengthen the elements of well-being, building resilience and ‘mental health’… and they wondered what we are doing in this regard. Perhaps the closest we have got to this in recent years is the lifeskills programme we developed for Sierra

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Adolescent Well-being and Resilience – A New Focus for Children For Health?

Adolescent Well Being

Since we started five years ago, our main focus has been solving problems linked to the physical health of children in the global south – for and with children aged 10-14. To this end we have developed resources and supported the implementation of a programmes in Mozambique, Nigeria and India. We

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Sex Education and Family Planning

Older child holding younger child

It’s essential to educate and involve children in sexuality and family planning. For one thing, the reality is that vast numbers of children are literally left ‘holding the baby’! The larger the family the more likely it is that children are providing a lot of the childcare. This can be

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Sexuality and Lifeskills Education for Young People

As a Health Education organisation, we often get asked about sex and lifeskills education and how we go about it! We don’t have our own projects but over the years our staff have helped to design programmes with partners and we have helped to develop materials alongside teachers and others.

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Children Learning about HIV using a Child Centred Approach

In this post we have reproduced an article on, Children Learning about HIV using a Child Centred Approach – with the kind permission of its author, Professor Bosire Monari Mwebi. In it he presents some fascinating work on HIV/AIDS in which he has listened deeply to the views and experiences

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Health Literacy Month! Championing the Work of HIFA

October is Health Literacy Month. A time for organizations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information. This annual, worldwide, awareness-raising event has been going strong since 1999. To celebrate Health Literacy Month, we’d like to champion the work of the Healthcare Information For All Network (HIFA). HIFA’s

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The Empowerment of Young Adolescents

At the 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health in October 2017, Robert Blum presented some of the findings of the Global Early Adolescents Study (GEAS) that looked specifically at ’empowerment’ in early adolescence (10-14). This work on adolescent empowerment is so important to our work that we are summarising it

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Prevent Anaemia | Messages for Children

Prevent Anaemia with the help of children and adolescents! This is a FIRST DRAFT of our Messages for Children and Young Adolescents to Learn and Share on Preventing Anaemia. We have created the list to try to do something practical in response to finding out the dreadful news that 50%

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