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From the desk of Clare Hanbury I’m absolutely loving the podcast hosted by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ayaan is a Somali-born classical liberal. An activist for the rights of women and girls. Previously a Member of the Dutch Parliament (2003-2006), she regularly called for furthering the integration of non-Western immigrants into

Shooting Stars is a story about girls supporting each other to participate in sports. A group of girls overcome their feelings of shame for wanting to play volleyball. They are helped by a professional volleyball player who inspires the girls and the school community

This introductory activity game is from our Children’s Participation in Eye Health and the Promotion of Good Vision resource book for teachers and educators. Read more about the book and download it now! This is a fun way for children to learn the ten Eye Health and Vision topics (this

The Think-Pair-Share (TPS) method is a great way to guide conversation between children and is often used at the beginning of a session. This method could be used for helping children remember the 100 Messages, any of our LifeSkills messages and other health messages. How to Use Introduce the material

We are very pleased to launch our new storybook, The Four Friends. This is a little different from our other more topic-focused books. In this one we have created a story that is about children’s participation in health education and health promotion more broadly. We have collaborated with others, but

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Save the Children India have just released a report on its Stop Diarrhoea Programme in which Children of Health played a part. We are delighted to see that by the end of the third year of this project the programme had reached 122,640 children! As the programme is designed to mobilise

In 2015 we tackled the issue of children memorising our 100 messages head on. Have a look at what we wrote here. However, this issue hasn’t gone away and each time we are in front of teachers we meet with some scepticism that young adolescents have the capacity to learn

If you’ve been following our Video Series, you know the Origins of Children for Health and the 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn & Share. Now find out what inspires Clare to continue to do this valuable work for Children for Health. Watch the video now by clicking the

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Hello Readers! It’s Clare here! CEO and founder of Children for Health. I’m often sent The 100 Languages poem as my friends know that I like counting things and that I love the number 8 and the number 100. I started Children for Health with a very simple vision: that

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This is the front of our poster, 100 Messages for Children to Learn & Share, Children for Health – Sharing Knowledge Saving Lives. On the back we have printed 100 messages for children to learn and share in 10 health topics: Malaria, Diarrhoea, Nutrition, Coughs, Colds & Illness, Intestinal Worms,

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