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Our Nutrition Poster and a UNICEF Nutrition Booklet

Over the last four weeks we have been revising our Nutrition messages and developing our nutrition poster. We expect to publish this mid-July; after our amazing and diverse team has come back with their thoughts and we finish the revisions. We will take the time to ensure we develop the

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Impact of Our Work in Diarrhoea Prevention and Control

Many regular readers of our blog will know that we are involved in the Save the Children Signature Programmes in Nigeria and India that focus on setting up Children’s Health Clubs and get children engaging with activities focussed on Diarrhoea Prevention and Control. IMPACT IN NIGERIA (May 2018)  Between March

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Reconnections! Health Books International (formerly known as TALC)

It was wonderful to meet Madeleine Bates and her team this week and to find out about the newly branded organisation Health Books International (HBI). HBI was originally called Teaching-aids at Low Cost (TALC) and very well known among health professionals overseas. As an organisation originally founded by David Morley (who

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A Life Skills Approach as Part of Preventing Violence Against Children

Between 14 and 15th February – The Agenda 2030 for Children: End Violence Solutions Summit, was held in Stockholm Sweden. The problem Globally, up to 1 billion children aged 2-17 years – or one in two children – have suffered physical, sexual or emotional violence or neglect in the past year. Violence

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HealthPhone | October’s Featured Guest Initiative

The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust’s HealthPhone Initiative HealthPhone is an initiative of The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust. The Foundation was founded on the principle that healthcare knowledge is a right. Disease and malnutrition can be combated effectively by bridging the knowledge gap that disenfranchises

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Guest Post: ELearning In Africa – What You Need To Know About It

This is a guest post by Jens Ischebek, reproduced with his permission. You can contact Jens directly via his Twitter page or read other articles by Jens here. Children for Health are interested in the content as we would like to contribute to the development of top quality health education content

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Health Inequality: TB, Trauma and Technology

I was really interested to listen to this broadcast on the BBC Radio 4 this week… Health Inequality: TB, Trauma and Technology On Start the Week Andrew Marr explores killer diseases and the health of the world. Kathryn Lougheed focuses on one of the smartest killers humanity has ever faced

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Children for Health and World No Tobacco Day 2017

NO Tobacco! Why we need to work with children and young adolescents On World NO Tobacco Day, let’s think again on how to work with older children and young adolescents (10-14 years). This is an age and stage where there is a very real possibility they can take up the

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Children for Health backs the Donors Charter

Children for Health is a very small, lean organisation and we like to think we are punching well above our weight through our various partnerships. We want to be efficient and deliver great value on the ground. We need to be accountable to the people we serve and to our

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Partnership for Children Development and a Great Picture

We LOVE this picture developed by the Partnership for Child Development to communicate the key features of the FRESH initiative (focussing resources on effective school health).   Our director Clare Hanbury was a co-author of the FRESH indicators that can be accessed here.

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