Cover of Our True Colors storybook

NEW! Our True Colors Storybook Launch

We are excited to announce the publication of our latest FREE storybook, Our True Colors! It is the story of a family who moves from one island to another and the children face isolation and bullying as they try to

Child under bed net Tanzania

Behaviour Change Programming

This is an interesting, easy-to-read, and accessible summary of work done in Tanzania on how to create the right sort of health messages and strategies for different types of stakeholders eg mothers, fathers and health workers. The health areas included…

Youth Solutions for Better Nutrition In Indonesia

This is SUCH a great report on working with children on all sorts of nutrition challenges. Make sure you read right to the end and see the children inventing and making up a game. As is OBVIOUS really – children

Front of our immunisation poster. It has 10 messages about immunisation that children can learn and share and each message is illustrated.

NEW! Immunisation Poster Launch

We are THRILLED to announce the publication of a new two-sided poster on Immunisation! Immunisation is one of our 10 key health topics and this poster is part of our Posters for Health series. A huge THANK YOU to

2021 Annual Round-up

This is our 2021 annual round-up for all our friends and supporters! Firstly, thank you very, very much – whether you are a donor or a subscriber (or both) – your interest and enthusiasm for our work is so important

Giving Tuesday

Today 30th November 2021 is Giving Tuesday! It is a great day to support something you care about, give to your community and help those less fortunate. As a charity, Children for Health is reliant on people (and organisations!) who