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We have released a new video: Everyone Counts! Watch and read along from your own copy of the book (free here). We also have this book available in Portuguese. A big thanks to a volunteer videographer, Ryan in South Africa for doing this for us during his lockdown. It been

Alderney | Feb 15th | 2021 Dear Friends News from the sparkling isle… I’VE HAD WRITERS BLOCK! Guernsey went into lockdown over two weeks ago now, we have ONE case who is now recovering fine and life on the island feels a bit different. The sea and the winds are

We drafted 28 Coronavirus messages in September 2020. We like our messages to be really short so that children can memorise them easily and share them too. It can be fun for children to ‘collect messages’ memorising one a day until they have a full set – rather like a

Alderney | January 20th, 2020 Dear Friends, Well, I said I’d be back on 4th Jan and here I am – back a lot later than that! I don’t know about you, but everyone in my network (including me) has needed a little longer to get going this year. We

Important and enjoyable reading or listening for ANYONE even vaguely interested in nutrition and their own health and well-being (that’s all of us – right?)… Professor Tim Spector’s book ‘Spoon-Fed’ and/or the excellent podcast episode with Prof Spector and Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Early 2021 will see me go through all

This is a lovely picture book for young children living in the UK (and other places too!). It’s written by Katy and illustrated by Emma. They are identical twins who I have known since I was 19. Emma has also helped with some lovely illustrations including our holiday greeting this

Alderney | December 21st, 2020 Dear Friends, This annual round up is for all of you: our dear friends old and new and it’s for anyone who joins our community in 2021. I’d be delighted if you could forward this newsletter to any family, friends or colleagues you think might

In this final post of the year I wish to highlight this book… The Social Edge: The Power of Sympathy Groups for our Health, Wealth and Sustainable Future by Anthony Costello. Buy it from Amazon here (please add us as your Smile Charity!) or listen and watch Tony talking about

I was so very very sad to hear about the death of Val Curtis this week. I only had three encounters with Val but they were all exciting and rich with ideas. We got very close to working together on a research programme in Nigeria. The idea was to take

We discovered The Friendship Bench from Zimbabwe recently and we LOVE it. We’ve been thinking on mental health, resilience and well-being for some time (and even having it has our topic of the month in December 2020) and this fits in perfectly. The mission of the Friendship Bench is to