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Alderney | January 20th, 2020 Dear Friends, Well, I said I’d be back on 4th Jan and here I am – back a lot later than that! I don’t know about you, but everyone in my network (including me) has needed a little longer to get going this year. We

Alderney | December 21st, 2020 Dear Friends, This annual round up is for all of you: our dear friends old and new and it’s for anyone who joins our community in 2021. I’d be delighted if you could forward this newsletter to any family, friends or colleagues you think might

Alderney | December 9th, 2020 Dear Friends, When things go wrong and plans fail (as they so often do in our sector) it’s so easy to get swept up in that negative swirl of energy. It almost seems to feed on itself! The hardest thing I did this week was

Alderney, Guernsey | November 2020 Dear Friends, This week it was really, really tempting to cave into that sinking feeling I get when I feel EXCLUDED from something important to me. EXCLUDED is an awful word that ricochets around my life at the moment, as I am among the three

Alderney, Guernsey | November 2020 Dear Friends, This week, I’ve been having fun with resilience! I know this sounds a bit weird, but I have made up a kind of dance. But when I say, ‘I made up’ – it has come from work I have done with children and

Alderney, Guernsey | November 2020 Dear Friends, Well, the last newsletter really seemed to hit the spot. I am so grateful for the very many messages of support and encouragement I received as a result. Thank you! I’d love to hear more. This week included ‘Remembrance Sunday’ that commemorates British

Alderney, Guernsey | November 2020 Dear Friends, I hope this this finds you safe and well. I’m back to our weekly newsletters after a very long break. I think the global pandemic has affected us in so every many inexplicable ways. As we entered lockdown in April, I received many

Dear Friends, I spent two nights in London this week. I have a small flat (usually rented out), but empty during lockdown and I’m preparing it for new tenants now that lockdown is easing! It was fun to be back in my old neighbourhood and to use the London bikes

Dear Friends, This has been a week where I feel our little community is expanding. Our volunteer, Camila has got going with our, Getting Us Connected Project. We are taking a country-by-country approach starting with Kenya; only because this is the country where I started my career! I was a

Dear Friends, New members from my community on LinkedIn – WELCOME! There seems to be quite a few who joined our community this week. Five minutes ago, I had a following of 2828 on LinkedIn – a nice symmetrical number! The engagement on some of my regular posts and articles