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Alderney | November |  2021 Dear Friends, It’s been a couple of months since my last newsletter! I’ve been back again to the UK to see family and friends and spend a bit of time in London too. WELCOME to the many more members who have signed up since our

Alderney | August 17th, 2021 Dear Friends It’s been a couple of months since my last newsletter! I’ve been back to the UK to see family and friends and then back to the island on much reduced work hours for August. It’s been an exhausting 18 months since the first

Alderney | May 24th |  2021 Dear Friends It’s been a while… Things ticking along smoothly at Children for Health (still based on the island)… We are pleased that the UK is coming out of lockdown, but concerned for our friends in India. We began a fundraising campaign last month

Alderney | March 22nd | 2021 Dear Friends It was lovely to have last week off. I found that Lockdown meant there was lots of time to work. Work then generated more work and by the time we were ‘released’ – a couple of weeks ago now – I felt

Alderney | March 1st |  2021 Dear Friends Still in Lockdown, six weeks on but the island has been Covid free from its ONE case for four weeks! Perhaps a little over-cautious, but we know they are trying to keep us safe. The sun has come out, but the winds

Alderney | Feb 15th | 2021 Dear Friends News from the sparkling isle… I’VE HAD WRITERS BLOCK! Guernsey went into lockdown over two weeks ago now, we have ONE case who is now recovering fine and life on the island feels a bit different. The sea and the winds are

Alderney | January 20th, 2020 Dear Friends, Well, I said I’d be back on 4th Jan and here I am – back a lot later than that! I don’t know about you, but everyone in my network (including me) has needed a little longer to get going this year. We

Alderney | December 21st, 2020 Dear Friends, This annual round up is for all of you: our dear friends old and new and it’s for anyone who joins our community in 2021. I’d be delighted if you could forward this newsletter to any family, friends or colleagues you think might

Alderney | December 9th, 2020 Dear Friends, When things go wrong and plans fail (as they so often do in our sector) it’s so easy to get swept up in that negative swirl of energy. It almost seems to feed on itself! The hardest thing I did this week was

Alderney, Guernsey | November 2020 Dear Friends, This week it was really, really tempting to cave into that sinking feeling I get when I feel EXCLUDED from something important to me. EXCLUDED is an awful word that ricochets around my life at the moment, as I am among the three