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Community Newsletter July 2019

Dear Friends of Children for Health, I warn people that I’m always a bit tired and grumpy in July. It’s an, ‘end-of-the-academic-year’ thing. An ‘I-need-to-go-on-holiday’ thing! This is especially true this July as my oldest child was taking her end of school exams. We call them ‘A levels’ in the UK

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Children for Health Community Newsletter April 2019

Dear Friends of Children for Health, I’m very pleased to be connecting with you all this Spring. Uppermost in our thoughts are those friends and colleagues affected by the floods in Mozambique – especially in Tete and relatives of those in Tete who live in Beira. We put together a

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Community Newsletter August 2018

Delighted with the number and reach of our downloads! We published our Nutrition Poster on August 1st and since then it has been downloaded 285 times. Download this and other Free Resources on our website now! Please help us get the word out and forward this newsletter or send a

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Community Newsletter July 2018

Nutrition Poster Headline News! We published our Nutrition Poster on August 1st! Download this and other Free Resources on our website now. We have had a lot of help from experts all over the world, they helped us review the messages and images and gave us good ideas to put

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Community Newsletter June 2018

An exciting six weeks since our last newsletter in April! Malaria Poster Headline News! We published our Malaria Poster in May 14th and by the end of the month it had been downloaded over 900 times! 193 downloads in South Africa and just over 100 in Germany, the Sudan and

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Community Newsletter April 2018

I love April. In the UK, it signals the end of winter and the start of spring flowers and new seeds growing; but this month we seem to have had either hot-and-sunny high summer or damp-and-windy winter gloom. Interesting weather? Definitely, and an interesting month at Children for Health HQ

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Community Newsletter | March 2018

It’s already March so our first newsletter of the year comes very late! We do aim to publish one newsletter every month, but we have been slow off the blocks this year. We have a lot to report to our community! Money! Firstly, thanks to a lot of hard work

Community Newsletter | October 2017

Our Topic Focus for October has been Accidents & Preventing Injuries and what children can do. It’s been an interesting month with a big focus on letting more people know about our ideas, products and services and learning more about what others are doing too. Click here for a quick

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June 2017 Newsletter

Dear All Since our last newsletter, the books we were creating for Save the Children in India and Nigeria have been completed and sent. You may remember that the focus of this programme is on what children can do to help implement the WHO 7-point plan at part of the

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Newsletter 1st April 2017

1st April 2017 (no joke) Dear All It’s been a busy four weeks focusing mostly on completing three books for Save the Children for their Diarrhoea Prevention and Control programme in Lagos, Nigeria. Plus we have created a bookmark for the children! Plus we have written Teacher’s Guidelines for their

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