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Dear Friends, I spent two nights in London this week. I have a small flat (usually rented out), but empty during lockdown and I’m preparing it for new tenants now that lockdown is easing! It was fun to be back in my old neighbourhood and to use the London bikes

Dear Friends, This has been a week where I feel our little community is expanding. Our volunteer, Camila has got going with our, Getting Us Connected Project. We are taking a country-by-country approach starting with Kenya; only because this is the country where I started my career! I was a

Dear Friends, New members from my community on LinkedIn – WELCOME! There seems to be quite a few who joined our community this week. Five minutes ago, I had a following of 2828 on LinkedIn – a nice symmetrical number! The engagement on some of my regular posts and articles

Dear Friends, Welcome to new members of our community! We are ‘inching out of lockdown’. Our family’s ‘inching’ event was an 18th birthday party for our son, Daniel – with six friends – socially distancing in the garden! Thanks goodness for fine, warm weather. Never a certainty during the English

Dear Friends, Welcome to new members of our community! No sooner had our lockdown rules relaxed a little so we could meet up with six friends OUTSIDE… the first week of our ‘summer’ has been one of cold winds, clouds and rain! My fingers and my daughter’s fingers turn white

Dear Friends, It was the 10th week and TODAY, ‘the rules’ are easing a little and I don’t know if we still say that we are ‘in lockdown’? Today, some of the children are going back to school and we are allowed to meet in groups of up to 6

Dear Friends, Greetings and wishing you all good health from this 9th week of lockdown. It is hard to believe that over two months have passed since the UK enacted these safety measures. I’d still love to hear your stories and how you’re getting on, please get in touch!  

Dear Friends, I hope you are all doing well. I’m still finding it hard to concentrate, but this week was very busy! On Sunday, I participated in a wonderful seminar with the poet, David Whyte who spoke so beautifully about ‘vulnerability’ and helped us understand the creative edge that vulnerability

Dear Friends, How is the ‘new normal’ for you? How are you easing out of lockdown? All fine here and both the children have commented to me this week how fast the time seems to be slipping by. COVID! It’s been great this week to add a little more to

Dear Friends, Wow! 6 weeks in lockdown. The time has gone quickly. I find this strange! How about you? I love to hear how you are doing, so please continue to send your stories. I’m a little worried about my 19-year-old daughter who is living alone in London, but she