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Our Nutrition Poster is Published!

Download our Nutrition poster for FREE now! Testimonials The short, action-oriented messages in this educational poster are valuable to promoting continual, visible communication on nutrition. These family- and community-based essential actions for good nutrition show that malnutrition must be addressed by many stakeholders. Carol Browne, Health and Nutrition Communication Consultant,

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Reviewing Our Health Messages and Developing Our Posters in 2018

We have been amazed… actually startled and excited by the number of people that have downloaded our Malaria Poster since it was published on 14th May. Today we have had 936 downloads by people all over the world: the Sudan, South Africa and Norway are the top three countries where

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Safe, Strong and Smiling Poster 2018

With the dreadful news that there was an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) we decided to act. To conclude our work in Sierra Leone in 2016, we developed a poster, Safe, Strong and Smiling, with the help of practitioners living in Freetown who were working with

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We published our NEW Malaria poster today!

From the desk of Clare Hanbury… When I go around the world I often ask teachers and other educators what would help and support them best in their health education work. In particular, work where they are getting children on their feet; helping them to understand, take action and reflect

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Children for Health Vision Poster

This is the Children for Health Vision Poster. It is single-sided and available to download now! The poster illustrates ways in which children can contribute to the health of their families and communities in each of our ten topic areas. The topic areas include: Malaria, Diarrhoea, Coughs, Colds & Pneumonia,

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Partnership for Children Development and a Great Picture

We LOVE this picture developed by the Partnership for Child Development to communicate the key features of the FRESH initiative (focussing resources on effective school health).   Our director Clare Hanbury was a co-author of the FRESH indicators that can be accessed here.

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