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We need air to live. We can’t breathe underwater. When water gets into our lungs we drown. Every three minutes a child somewhere in the world dies from drowning. Each year between two and three million children die from drowning. Children under five are most at risk and a small

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Almost all of us have burnt our fingers when we have touched something hot, or our mouths when we have eaten food that is too hot. But burns and scalds can be very serious and can put our life at risk. Every year almost one hundred thousand young people and

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We need first aid when someone is injured. We can learn basic first aid to help someone who has been injured while someone else runs to get help. What is an injury? When something hurts our body is telling us to STOP doing whatever we are doing because it has

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How our immune system works Our immune system works hard to keep our body clean on the inside and helps clear up any old, dead cells inside us. We keep our immune system strong by eating plenty of rainbow foods to make sure we include important nutrients including vitamin A,

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