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We have released a new video: Everyone Counts! Watch and read along from your own copy of the book (free here). We also have this book available in Portuguese. A big thanks to a volunteer videographer, Ryan in South Africa for doing this for us during his lockdown. It been

Lovely, clear simple animated film by the outstanding Global Health Media.

In the Rainbow Flower video, our CEO and founder Clare Hanbury, explains the tool and how to use it. Please click the image or this link to watch the video. For more information on The Rainbow Flower and to download the tool, click here. Transcript The Rainbow Flower is one

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If you’ve been following our Video Series, you know the Origins of Children for Health and the 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn & Share. Now find out what inspires Clare to continue to do this valuable work for Children for Health. Watch the video now by clicking the

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In this short video, Clare Hanbury talks about the origins of Children for Health and why she founded it in 2013. Have a look at our other videos on our Children for Health YouTube Channel. Join the Children for Health Community and have access to FREE Health Education materials. We

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The 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn & Share! Here is a video in which our director, Clare Hanbury talks about The Children for Health 100 health messages. We have created a poster which visualises the spirit of the 100 on the front and sets out all 100 health

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The first in our video series, watch and listen as Clare talks about what inspires her to do this work. The video is embedded below, followed by an audio only version with a transcript below that. Video Audio   Transcript What really inspires me to do this work? Well this

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Transcript Children for Health builds upon the relationship that older children have with younger children, teaching and caring for the younger child. Now some people may think, “But isn’t this the role of the parents?” That’s very much using our western lens. But the reality is that in a lot

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Have you seen this great cartoon busting myths about MOSQUITO NETS!? Is the insecticide dangerous? Can they harm pregnant women? Can they make you impotent? Do nets choke the elderly? Watch this great cartoon to find out the answers… (HINT – the answer to all of these is NO!) Children

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