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Children are great ‘change agents both at home and in the community’ say the Red Cross & Red Crescent who believe that if we target the children, they will, in turn, bring change in the family and thereby the entire community. Here is a short and very nice video featuring

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The disastrous floods in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe has brought to mind the SODIS method of treating small amounts of water for consumption at the family level. This is an activity that children can quickly learn and do and something practical they can do to help prevent sickness and even

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Our June topic is Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, it is one of our 10 topics with 10 ‘water, sanitation & hygiene’ messages for children to learn and share. You can find more information about this topic by clicking here. Our 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn and Share are

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On this World Toilet Day 2017, we wanted to send you these messages to share with others to use or to use in your work. The Children for Health Collection of 100 Health Messages include 10 messages for children to learn and share on water, sanitation and hygiene (often called

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June is Water, Sanitation & Hygiene month here at Children for Health! Read our 10 Messages For Children To Learn and Share about WASH or download a PDF with the 10 messages. And what better time to introduce you to one of our ‘Lesson Plans‘? This can be used or

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We believe its important to contribute to the evidence base that involving children as health activists is an effective and important approach in health education; is one that leads to behavioural change and that it has benefits for all children. Our Developing Partnerships We have links to the London School

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The Story of Cholera is a four-minute animation covering cholera transmission, prevention, signs, and care in a simple and accessible way. The film focuses on a little boy who is involved with helping others and spreading health messages. The Story of Cholera follows evidence-based guidelines and was produced in collaboration

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