Think-Pair-Share Method

The Think-Pair-Share (TPS) method is a great way to guide conversation between children and is often used at the beginning of a session. This method could be used for helping children remember the 100 Messages, any of our LifeSkills messages and other health messages.

How to Use

  1. Introduce the material to the children and repeat it together at least once.
  2. Think: Ask the children to think by themselves about something like an answer to a question, For example: After the last time you or a friend or family member had diarrhoea, how did you/they feel? What were you/they given to eat or drink? How long did it last and what made you feel better? You could also ask them to draw something or write key words that relate to the question/s.
  3. Pair: Talk about it with one other person (or in pairs and one three if there is an odd number of children).
  4. Share ideas in a small group and/or a larger group or the whole group.

This method can be used regardless of what sort of matierial is being presented; verbal from an educator, written in in books, magazines or newspapers, from a film or video clip or just as a way to brainstorm ideas together.

You can also use this activity to help with listening skills. In the Share part of the exercise, children can only share their partner’s thoughts, not their own.

There’s another optional step between 3 and 4, instead of coming straight back to the group, you can pari the pairs and create Squares.