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Young Adolescents Preventing Coughs, Colds & Pneumonia

At Children for Health we hope to support educators and programme planners with good content and fun activities that can help support young adolescents in their role as carers. Over decades we have seen adolescents becoming effective health activists.

Girls in the Yemen on a TB health march
Late childhood or ‘young adolescence’ THE best time to involve children in health promotion

Children can learn how to avoid coughs or colds, stop them spreading and prevent them developing. They can learn about good hygiene practices. They can learn to recognize rapid breathing and the importance of getting an infant who is breathing rapidly, to a health worker for urgent life-saving treatment.

Included in the content we offer are our 100 messages for children to learn and share. These messages are clustered into 10 topics and one of these is Coughs, Colds & Pneumonia. We hope you will be interested to find out more about our 10 messages for children to learn and share and you can Download our 100 Messages PDF too!

In March we will focus on content and activities linked to Immunisation – and what children can do, read on!

Working with young adolescents in a way that is engaging and participatory means that vital health information sticks. This is of immediate benefit to the adolescents themselves, to others they talk to and… as long as its sticky… during the course of their lives AND when they are parents!