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COVID-19 | The Children for Health Response

We are republishing this post as there have been many additions to the list since we first posted it on March 26th, 2020.

In all cases, Children for Health develops its health messages for children to learn and share with top experts using the latest science. The experts are busy doing what they can to understand and fight this virus!

So we are looking for good resources. Here are the ones that we particularly like:

  1. When I Had to Stay at Home – a downloadable storybook written and illustrated by our in-house illustrator and author – David and Liz Gifford!
  2. My Hero is YOU – a lovely downloadable storybook for children developed with experts and reviewers all over the world! The storybook is available in many languages from that page.
  3. Aisha and Moses Strong Against Coronavirus – a storybook from the Dutch Tanzania Foundation avialable in English, Kiswahili and Dutch. The English and Kiswahili have audio versions.
  4. Coronavirus, a Book for Children – a lovely new book on COVID from children from Axel Scheffler – of Gruffalo fame…
  5. Corona virus picture books for children – this is a link to a New York Time article which lists several picture books on COVID-19 for children including a link to the one above.
  6. Text and sound resources from The Children’s Radio Foundation. On their website you can hear how young reporters in South Africa cope with lockdown.  This link goes to resources on child and youth mental health during Covid-19.
  7. The Six COVID-19 Response stamps in 9 languages (no longer available as of August 2021).
  8. We like the Germ Defence information website. The content is in several languages.
  9. General messages and posters for the public from WHO
  10. Information on Covid from Hesperian
  11. This advice from WHO on helping children to cope with the stress of COVID-19
  12. These WHO resources on healthy parenting – for parents of children in different age groups
  13. Relaxation exercises for children from Save the Children
  14. Our new storybook, Unlocked! tells the story of four friends who work together to build resilience during the pandemic.
  15. Child to Child Resources on Covid for children and facilitators. 

If you are worried or unclear, WHO or your local government websites are the best places to turn to. There is a LOT of misinformation circulating on social media, so always check the facts with your trusted source and don’t discuss things you receive on social media with your children, without checking them first!

There are a lot of resources that you can find on this MEDBOX hub. Just to let you know that we have NOT gone through all these resources so finding useful stuff here is a suggestion not an endorsement.

Best wishes from the Children for Health team.