Fundraising for Posters for Health


In 2015 & 2016, we developed four posters – all of which have been very well received and used by teachers, trainers and project managers in several countries in Africa and in India – including the CfH Vision, the CfH 100 Messages, and two programme-specific posters.

Children for Health’s 100 messages for children to learn and share


In May 2018 we completed our first topic poster on Malaria.

We now intend to co-create a poster the rest of our nine health topics alongside practitioners and expert groups. We then aim to distribute the resulting poster within their networks. The posters illustrate ‘what children can do’ linked to the topic and have the messages and ideas on how to work with children for practitioners on the reverse side of the poster.

The posters will all be freely available as downloads from our website. Each poster costs around £1.5K GBP to create.


To develop the Children for Health collection of topic-focussed Posters for Health.

A detailed budget and plan is available on request or e-mail