Children for Health is a very lean organisation, we are run out of a single room in a house in Cambridge, UK. We pay £0.00 for rent, all office costs are kept to a minimum and we do our admin efficiently too (book-keeping, filing accounts, working with our Trustees and setting up good systems). We also have to invest in developing and sustaining relationships with donors and partners – and there are costs involved in this too. For more about how we work and with who, read Our Cambridge Story. We are proud to estimate that no more than 10% of a donation is spent on maintaining our efficient systems.

90% of your donation is spent on the work that has a direct impact on the lives of children in developing countries.

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We would love the chance to be introduced to any businesses, charities, government organisations and any other group with an interest in spreading health messages to children and adolescents. Contact us here now or e-mail Keep reading to find out which projects we’re working on and how you can support us!

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Our Online Training School

We are developing a course on Children’s Participation in Health (CPH). This will be scalable and available for interested partner organisations globally. We need to build the capacity, develop the courses (using best practices we’ve learnt) and then produce a suite of easily accessible and downloadable courses and materials. We aim to allowing anyone in the world to access our training tools and methods digitally.

The Special Glasses book cover, it has a giant pair of reading glasses with two children standing next to them. One is touching the arm of the glasses and the other child has their arms raised above their head in a V.Fundraising for…

Stories for Health

We currently have six titles in our Stories for Health series, we’ve got so many more planned, each book costs £3.5k to develop, we want to complete 10 Children for Health books on each of the 10 health topics we currently feature. These story books will be used by children and their teachers in resource-poor settings.

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Posters for Health

There are four ‘Posters for Health’ so far – CfH Vision, the CfH 100 Messages, and two programme-specific posters. We would love to create a poster for each of the ten health topics – it will include the messages and ‘what children can do’ and we will eventually offer the posters on our website. We hope to create five in 2018 and the other five in 2019.

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Memory Palaces

Memory Palaces will help children to memorise our 100 health messages quickly and easily – even if they cannot read!

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Adolescent Well-being and Resilience

We feel that the time is right for Children for Health explore and co-create some simple messages and materials for educators to use with young adolescents to raise awareness of mental health and to give children tools and tactics to use to boost their emotional and social resilience and prevent mental health related illnesses.

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Remember, if you think of any businesses, charities, government organisations and any other group with an interest in spreading health messages to children and adolescents please introduce us! Contact us now or e-mail with any fundraising or partnership enquiries.