For Friends of the Founder of Children for Health

We need a 100 Strong Support team! Will you join us? 

I’m making this appeal to my friends…

The thing is, I’m not very good at asking, but I need help with Children for Health.

We’re in a strange situation: on the one hand, we have generated more interest and had more of our child health materials downloaded than ever before, and we have been approached by several large and impressive organisations to do some fantastic child health projects next year (in Mozambique, Pakistan, Uganda). On the other hand, we’re finding it hard to raise our ‘freedom fund’.

This is the funding that enables us to develop and update materials, to have initial meetings with potential partners who can use our content and approaches at scale, to coach and mentor people in smaller organisations who want our advice but cannot pay, and to run the charity so it complies with all the rules, and yet is as efficient and effective as possible.

Basically, it’s around £6 grand a year for all this.

The other side of our funding is with donors or partners to develop materials or deliver training that strengthen their programmes and help them meet their aims. They pay us to help them with this.

So, I felt it was time to pluck up the courage to ask my friends to help by giving small, regular donations. If we can get 100 people to give a regular amount per month then we will raise this freedom fund.

If you can help, please click below and follow the instructions.

Donate Now

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I have also written a longer piece about this, which includes testimonials from a couple of friends already supporting us.

Also, please do take time to look at our website.

MOST people give to charity regularly and I’m sure that includes you. So, if you are already committed to enough causes close to your heart please IGNORE this request!

Many thanks,