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Children for Health works hand in hand with other organisations and programmes. We build capacity. We offer technical advice, mentoring and training. We work to create teaching materials and programme strategy.

We work using our partner’s existing structures and systems. We work to strengthen, develop, deliver and evaluate effective health education for and with children. We do it in a way that is scalable.

From our website, we offer expertly curated health education content for free. This can be used with children from primary school age and upwards. Our health messages and activities can be used, adapted and translated to fit existing programmes. Our mascots, ZuZu and ZaZa make learning fun and engaging. Our Stories for Health combine literacy with lifeskills and health and can be used in classrooms and at home. Our Posters for Health are “talking tools” that help partners, trainers and teachers recognise, understand and deepen opportunities for participatory work in health with children.

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