Methods to Learn the 100 Messages

It’s our experience that children are very good at memorising (much better than many adults!). Imagine how much some children are required to memorise for religious purposes!

At Children for Health it is our dream that, before they leave primary school, every child will have learnt and shared 100 important health messages. We hope that these are either translated versions of our messages or messages that have been carefully designed, tested and checked. We hope children have learnt the messages so well that that they ‘stick’.

We have successfully used a method called The Memory Line to help teachers and children learn the eight nutrition messages that form the backbone of the PCAAN Nutrition Curriculum in Mozambique.

Children, their parents and their teachers can help them practice how to memorise and here are some tricks! (Thanks to Colleen at her Kansas Drakes blog for her helpful tips and ideas.)

Our favourite methods are listed below, and you can download a full manual on how to use them:

  1. Put the message(s) to music
  2. Use an ‘echo and repeat’ method using a ‘magic’ glove
  3. Repeat the message in different voices
  4. Erase it bit by bit
  5. Create an acronym for a list of messages
  6. Review often
  7. Create an acrostic
  8. Break it up
  9. Use more senses
  10. With our list of messages you can ask the children to do a memory ‘tour’