Children for Health Content

Children for Health is an organisation dedicated to child-centred health education, with a unique hub of valuable information, activities, news and knowledge, developed by international development professionals and curated by health experts, that focuses on essential health education for children, families, teachers and community workers. Our resources are freely-available and intended to be used and adapted to help to save the lives of children and other people exposed to the dangers of disease and accidents or injury. We design and develop materials to be distributed both digitally and via traditional tools like books and teaching aids.

Stories for Health

Stories for Health is a collection of children’s books that are fun and compelling for children to read, share and learn. The books are aimed at 10-14 year old readers living in the global south.

100 Messages

Children for Heath has developed 100 messages within ten topics that children can learn and share to promote health and well-being in their communities.

The 100 health messages poster from Children for Health

Posters for Health

Children for Health has developed a series of posters that illustrate our work, and provide the visual starting point for rich discussions on health issues and disease, and the role that children can play in their prevention.

Mobis For Health

Children for Health develops digital content targeted at children in these communities to deliver fun, compelling and relevant health information, that helps them learn and share life-saving messages amongst their families, friends and communities.

Ebola Messages

In 2014 when the Ebola crisis started we developed 20 messages about Ebola that children could learn and share to help their communities.

Stories of Using Children for Health

Read testimonals from our users: a child, a health worker, a teacher and a project manager all share their experiences.

Hanging Libraries

Children for Health is in partnership with the Hanging Libraries Initiative to make children’s books available to communities in the remotest and poorest parts of the world. A comprehensive library of digital books can be downloaded, printed and stored in simple cloth hangers.