Stories for Health

One of four books on nutrition we developed with children and teachers in Mozambique

Stories for Health is a collection of children’s books that are fun and compelling for children to read and share. The books are aimed at 10-14 year old readers living in the global south. They are designed for teachers and children to use in school and for older children to read to younger ones at school and home.

We know that millions of  young adolescents spend many hours each day caring for their younger brothers and sisters, neighbours and friends. We know that with encouragement, information, recognition and praise, the caring role of the child can be turned from something that is a burden to something that is fun, social and helps develop crucial lifeskills. When young adolescents offer good care to younger children, this makes a positive impact on family health and well-being.

We currently have six titles.

  • Four stories developed with teachers implementing the PCAAN programme in Mozambique
  • A Stone is a Strange Thing, developed with teachers in Freetown, Sierra Leone; and
  • The Special Glasses, a story on diarrhoea and sickness developed with adults and children in Lesotho.

All our books can be purchased or downloaded for free from our shop. Click here to see all our books.

The Hanging Libraries project

In addition, we are working with the Hanging Libraries project to develop and promote our collection of health and literacy story books. Find out more about these

More story books

We are in the process of creating a series of Story Books that include all 10 topics and the 100 messages. It costs us £5,000 to develop each book.  We like to co-create our story books with a group of children and their teachers, somewhere in the Global South. We also like to use professional children’s writers and illustrators whose work we know and trust. It takes six months to develop a book in this way.

If there is a topic that is close to your heart or if you just LOVE the idea of getting involved in funding or fund-raising for a story book then please let us know. We are confident that each of our books reach thousands of children and even more when they are translated.


Seven topics left to complete our series!

Where the Money Goes…

£5,000 funding for each story book pays for:

  • workshops with adults and children
  • writing the story
  • illustrating the story
  • managing the many rounds of to and fro between Children for Health and the group creating the story with us.
  •  professional editing and proofreading an English language print ready version and a version that can be read on a mobile phone.
  •  translations into the local language for our project partners and we
  • an illustrated case study about the experience of developing our book.

Everyone involved in the creation of the story is highly skilled and has decades of experience working to produce materials of this nature. For an example of one of our books, download, The Special Glasses here.