Read stories from different people about how they have found Children for Health’s content useful. We are so proud of the work we do here, it is gratifying to know we are helping children and communities all around the world.

A Health Worker’s Story

Hello, my name is Musa and I am a health worker. I work in a lot of communities and my duties include delivering immunisations, growth monitoring, de-worming, micro-nutrient supplementation, the re-hydrating of babies with diarrhoea and dehydration and many others. It is primary health care.

I sometimes visit the school to talk to the older ones about balanced diet and HIV. I heard about Children for Health from a magazine I was reading and together with my colleague we decided to visit the website. It has given us the idea that children themselves can pass on health messages and that in fact they can help us in our work. They can help us by reducing the number of patients we have to deal with as some of the actions can be taken at home. They can also help us find patients, for example the babies and young children who have not been immunised. It is very useful. It has given us ideas.

I am going to talk with the teacher to ask her permission to involve the children next time we have an immunisation clinic and also to help us convince the community when there is the seasonal problem we have with malaria – the children can help us promote the use of insecticide treated bed nets – especially for the pregnant ladies and the young ones.

I can use the messages on the website to help me develop my own messages. Maybe I can have a competition with the children to come up with our own top 20 messages!

A Child’s Story

Hello, my name is Phillip (11). I am very tired at the moment as many people in my village have been sick and I have been helping them. They say it was a disease that travels in the river water. We use the water to drink and although many of us know that the water should be boiled it is sometimes hard to find the fuel to boil the water and there is a shortage of time to do this, so we drink it straight. I learned that sunshine can help to make water safer if you filter it and leave it in a plastic bottle in the sunshine for 6 hours.

I learned this from my uncle. He has a mobile phone and one day he showed me some health messages that are all about simple things that even children can do to make sure they don’t get so sick. So we decided to get some bottles and try it. I have three sisters and one brother and we were all drinking our sunshine bottles of water when our neighbours fell sick.

We made sure that we washed our hands with soap while we sang this special song (another message my uncle showed me) and drink only the water from the bottles and none of our family fell sick. I started to tell others in our village about our sunshine water and this is why I am tired. Now I am going to ask my uncle to tell me all the messages he gets. He says there are ONE HUNDRED!!!!!

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A Teacher’s Story

My name is William. I am a teacher at the secondary school in our town. It is a large town with 20,000 people. I teach science and social studies and I’m also a form tutor. I heard about The 100 from the radio and took the opportunity to sign up for the free 100 SMS service.

The messages have given me lots of ideas about what children can do to improve their own health and promote health to others. Each time I get a message I write it on the blackboard and I discuss the message with the children in form time. They have lots of ideas and we have very lively discussions. We are planning to use some of the messages in our form assembly.

The children want to make their own Top Ten messages. The 100 messages are interesting for all my family and I share them with my own children too.

A Project Manager’s Story

My name is Susan and I am the project manager for Child & Health International. I am interested in using messages, materials and methods as our team wants to promote children’s participation in health but sometimes… it is difficult to know how.

The Children for Health Collection on their website gives me some very clear ideas on what messages children can spread, how to excite children about the topics, how to spread health ideas and messages and how we can design and organize a campaign around specific topics. We have problems in getting health messages out to families to reinforce what the community health workers are saying to the families.  

We would like to involve children to help us create messages that are right for them.