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Our Approach

Children for Health distils and create unique content for you to use or re-purpose in your programmes. We spend many weeks and months developing health messages, stories, posters and mobi-sites… co-creating these with educators and children who will be users of the content, checking everything with top experts and re-testing. This helps us feel confident of our content.

Drawing upon 27 years of experience making children’s participation work in practice we have developed activities that help make health education effective. In addition, we have developed ten distinct learning points that educators have found helpful and this forms the framework for our distinctive training programmes.

Our Children for Health content, activities and learning points all make up our unique Toolbox. Anyone is free to take what they like from our toolbox and use it as they want to. We love to be acknowledged and we love to be informed of your successes and even challenges.

We make the greatest impact, working closely with partners – for example the Government of Mozambique or Save the Children. Together with partners, we work to identify opportunities for children’s participation in health within a pre-existing structure and system.