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Are you…

  • an educator or youth worker who is working on life skills projects with children?
  • looking for high quality, practical life skills activities that really work?
  • after life skills material to adapt or develop for your own programme?

Then you are in the right place!​

Hundreds of people have downloaded and LOVE our simple, practical Life Skills e-book that is packed with ideas that are easy and fun to use. It brings the very best life skills resources we know about into one convenient place.

The author, Clare Hanbury, began in the classroom so she knows how helpful it is for educators to have a few activities at their fingertips. We hear stories everyday about how the life skills activities are being used and adapted all over the world. Learn more about LifeSkills.

Buy the LifeSkills e-Book

The LifeSkills Handbook provides advice and active learning activities for teaching life skills to young people and includes 61 practical exercises. Available only in digital format for immediate download.

Free LifeSkills Activity Samples

Try before you buy! View the Table of Contents or three free exercises taken from LifeSkills e-book:

Mentoring and Training

Clare, author of the LifeSkills Handbooks, can be hired to help you design a bespoke training programme and provide mentoring to you virtually. We recommend a minimum of three sessions but six over a three-month period is very effective. Contact us to get started!

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Request Free Copy

Please note that free copies are available to those who have no access to payment, who provide us with details of their programme and who pledge to send us follow-up information on their programme in 6 months time. If this describes you request your free copy.