LifeSkills Handbooks Activity 46

This is a single activity session plan from The Lifeskills Handbook. There are 61 activity sessions in this book and this is Activity 46. The book is available from our resources section where you’ll also find downloadable storybooks, booklets and posters to help you in your work.

LifeSkills Handbooks Activity 46 – Setting Short-term Goals

Purposes of Activity

  • To understand the meaning and importance of goals
  • To practice setting short-term goals

Life Skills: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking

Important Points

Long-term goals refer to goals that it will take a long time to achieve, for example, further education, getting a good job, building a house etc. Short-term goals are those that can be achieved in a short time like winning the next football match, passing a test, smoking one less cigarette each day.


  • a large piece of paper, flip chart paper or blackboard


  1. Write the word goal or draw a football goal.
  2. Explain to children that you are using the word goal to describe something we want to achieve in life, for example:
    • something you want to do
    • somewhere to go
    • something you want to have.
  3. Ask children to name a goal. If it is a short-term goal, tell them to go to the right of the room. If it is a long-term goal, tell them to go to other side of the room.
  4. When they have all been divided, ask if anyone can see a reason why some children are on the left and others are on the right. If they cannot guess, explain.
  5. Still in the two groups, each child says why they think their goal is short-term or long-term.
  6. Write down their goal for the next session (Activity 51).

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