M Children

We describe the core work of Children for Health as having four pillars:

  1. The 100
  2. Programme Optimisation
  3. M Children
  4. Academic Partnerships

Pillar 3: M Children Project

children’s Club Members in a school in Freetown, Sierra Leone working with Adults on an Ebola related activities

With the help of a grant from ARM and United Methodist Communications, we have created a mobile website (we call it a mobi-site), designed to reach practitioners working with children in Sierra Leone as they work to recover from the Ebola crisis. It is called Safe Strong and Smiling! Click this link to take a look!

This is beginning to take root in Freetown with teachers working to establish school health clubs accessing the content. It has been a fascinating process to distil health education content for a mobile platform.Ebola_04


During the epidemic, Children for Health was represented on Sierra Leone’s National Social Mobilisation Strategy  Committee and we were asked to develop  a briefing paper for UNICEF on Children’s Participation in the context of the Ebola epidemic. This was distributed to many of those involved in community mobilisation in the West African region affected by Ebola.

We also developed a story book for children, A Stone is a Strange Thing about loss and grief and what children can do to help.

To help promote the mobi-site, we developed a poster, Safe, Strong and Smiling and this can be downloaded from our shop.