A Malaria Campaign with Secondary School Students

This is the feedback we received from one Health Worker and Parent:

I’m a parent and a health worker. I have a smart phone and I am able to download apps. I think the idea of Children for Health is a good one.

Children in our community already help us in our families a lot. 

I test and treat the school children but I also realize now that they can be a part of helping to spread messages about malaria to the young children in their families and communities. The children can be health workers and help me! If we can reduce malaria and anaemia my work on these problems will be less!

We have a malaria campaign I would like to know the best ‘messages’ that children need to know. It would be handy for me to be able to read these on my mobile. I can share them with the children. We can translate the messages into our local language and share them. We can discuss each one.

The children can help to create OUR messages and we can text these to their parents from the school.

The Children for Health website already has links to activities I can use with the children at the school. Together we can design a malaria campaign that can help the community. I enjoyed watching some of the videos and cartoons on malaria on the Children for Health website. They are fun and taught us all something.

It is helpful to have this information for children all in one place.

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