Children’s Participation in Malaria Prevention

Just in! Results from a Cluster Randomized Control Trial in Sikasso Region, Mali.

Children can be a part of a malaria campaign
Children can be a part of a malaria campaign

The findings of this study are very relevant both for malaria control and educational goals in Mali:

  • They highlight the high prevalence of mostly asymptomatic malaria amongst school age children (80%) who constitute nearly a third of the population and the need to target school age children in malaria control efforts.
  • They show that schools can play an important role in promoting the use of LLINs by school age children and more broadly in the community, particularly alongside a universal LLIN distribution campaign.
  • By treating all children for malaria at the beginning of the school year, schools can clear children of malaria for the entire school year, reduce their risk of becoming anaemic and improve their ability to pay attention and learn in class.
  • Intermittent Parasite Clearance, combined with malaria prevention education at school are affordable scalable solutions for Mali.