Malaria! Ten top tips on looking after your bed net!

The simple messages in this video on can easily be learned, collected and shared by older primary school aged children.

How to Look After Your Bed Net

  1. Air your new net IN THE SHADE for 24 hours – the net is treated with insecticide and it can irritate skin without the airing.
  2. Wash your bed net only when necessary as the insecticide loses its power after 20 washes.
  3. Wash it every 3-4 months and then your net will protect you for 3 years.
  4. When washing the net only use ordinary soap and water not bleach or other detergents.
  5. Do not scrub when washing it as this may create holes.
  6. After washing dry the net on the line in the SHADE and away from anything it can touch as it blows in the wind.
  7. Make sure there are no holes in the net
  8. Repair holes immediately by sewing with a needle and thread or by knotting over the area
  9. When sleeping under the net make sure its well tucked in so the mosquitoes cannot get in.
  10. In the morning after using it, fold it up so no one plays with it.

That’s IT! Children love to learn these practical messages. They can share them with other children and join campaigns to protect themselves and each other from malaria!