World Malaria Day 2017 | What Can Children Do?

At Children for Health we know that children can play an important role in preventing malaria.

World Malaria Day 2017

For World Malaria Day 2017, with the help of experts, we have created 10 key messages for children to learn and share with others on malaria. We think that these 10 topics are easy for children to understand, learn and then discuss with other children and in their families:Mosquito illustration - World Malaria Day 2017

  1. Mosquitoes spread malaria
  2. Malaria kills
  3. Sleep under a bed net
  4. Be careful at night
  5. Malaria can stop children growing properly
  6. Spraying helps
  7. There is a test and treatment for malaria
  8. Listen to the health worker
  9. Malaria weakens the blood
  10. Take action in malaria season

Here are our ten full messages.

  1. Malaria is a disease spread by the bite of an infected mosquito.
  2. Malaria is dangerous. It causes fever and it can kill, especially children and pregnant women.
  3. Prevent Malaria by sleeping under insecticide treated bed nets that kill mosquitoes and stop them biting.
  4. Malaria mosquitoes often bite between sunset and sunrise.
  5. When children get malaria they may grow and develop more slowly.
  6. There are three types of insecticide spraying to kill malaria mosquitoes; in the house, in the air and onto water.
  7. The signs for malaria are high fever, headaches, muscle and stomach aches and chills. Rapid tests and treatments save lives.
  8. Malaria can be prevented and treated with medicine as director by a health worker.
  9. Malaria lives in an infected persons blood which can make us tired and weak.
  10. Antimalarial pills can prevent or reduce malaria and anaemia in places and at times when there is lots of malaria in a community.

How would it be if we could ensure that these ten messages or messages that are even better adapted for each context (and translated into the local languages) could be known by every child as part of a lifesaving, health promoting ‘health times table’. The children would learn the messages at primary school and in a way that they never forget the messages.

Do get in touch if you have any feedback on our messages or if you would like to find out more about how we work with programmes to integrate our messages into the life of school and other health education programmes!

Malaria book - World Malaria Day 2017We want to develop one of our special storybooks to help children understand and take action on the topic of malaria. We also seek to develop one of our posters for teachers and older children to use in classrooms and groups.

We need to work with academic partners to collect more evidence for this work too.

If you want to see more on our website – here’s our section on malaria.

We have a downloadable PDF and a booklet outlining some activities that can help children learn and share this content with others.

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