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WHO and UNESCO have launched a new initiative “Making Every School a Health Promoting School” through the development and promotion of Global Standards for Health Promoting Schools. The initiative will serve over 2.3 billion school-age children and contribute to WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work target of achieving “1 billion

10 June 2021

Envision a Vision

From time-to-time it’s important for us to get back to basics. So much of the time work is so complex… But today I was talking to friends (after a swim on the beach) about the best way to introduce our work to someone who doesn’t know anything about us. We
Super Better Children in Zambia has been created as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. With our work on pause from March 2020, Children for Health reached out to our network to understand better the challenges they were facing. We understood from colleagues in Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya that
Some of you will know that we were awarded a grant from the Astra Zeneca Young Health Programme to develop a programme in a rural community: Samsamwenje in Zambia. We are working with Kelvin Nsekwila, an outstanding young educator, and his two other team members and initially with 30 children
The theme for 2021 World No Tobacco Day is Commit to Quit! WHO has loads of great activities and resources to support and encourage people all over the world to give up tobacco in 2021. If you or a loved one are still using tobacco products, now would be a
Alderney | May 24th |  2021 Dear Friends It’s been a while… Things ticking along smoothly at Children for Health (still based on the island)… We are pleased that the UK is coming out of lockdown, but concerned for our friends in India. We began a fundraising campaign last month
Every April we highlight Malaria as our topic of the month because on April 25th the whole world observes World Malaria Day. We take this day to celebrate how far we’ve come in preventing and treating this disease and to talk about how far we still have to go. For
The 100 health messages poster from Children for Health
Here is a rare call for funding on this blog… It’s a general call and linked to a campaign we are running right now. Our community may not realise how much we lost during the pandemic: partnerships, projects, contracts and events… …and yet we have never stopped working – to
We have recently come across The Reality Check Approach (RCA) is a qualitative research approach involving RCA-trained researchers living with people in their own homes and sharing in their everyday lives. The intention is to have unmediated conversations, observations, and experiences with people (in their own space and time) as
The Sinovuyo Teen Parenting Programme has come to our attention. The programme is part of the ‘Parenting for Lifelong Health’ initiative, whose objective is to develop and test evidence-informed parenting programmes that are non-commercial and relevant to lower- and middle-income countries. Sinovuyo Teen is a 14-week parenting programme for at-risk