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On this World Toilet Day 2021, we wanted to send you these messages to share with others to use or to use in your work. The Children for Health Collection of 100 Health Messages include 10 messages for children to learn and share on water, sanitation and hygiene (often called
Alderney | November |  2021 Dear Friends, It’s been a couple of months since my last newsletter! I’ve been back again to the UK to see family and friends and spend a bit of time in London too. WELCOME to the many more members who have signed up since our
Pictures from out Malaria Poster, FREE to download. We were delighted to read this month that WHO is recommending a malaria vaccine for children under-5. They say, “WHO recommends that in the context of comprehensive malaria control the RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine [also called Mosquirix] be used for the prevention of
Nutrition is one of our ten main health topics and we found this guidebook from the Gender-Transformative Framework for Nutrition to be very compelling. The idea that women and girls need less food that men and boys is wrong and we have to work to dispel this myth. One of
We have just discovered a series of papers published in 2011 about the roles of children and young people in running house holds, care giving and resilience. Not Just a Victim: The Child as Catalyst and Witness of Contemporary Africa is free, but you will need to register to download
In October 2021 we are preparing the content for a new Children for Health poster on HIV & AIDS. This is with the participation of a partner school in Eswatini and with funding from the Mercury Phoenix Trust! The review of our 2015 messages has been really, really interesting. Our
Our latest poster in our series is for Diabetes. It was developed with the participation of experts, educators, and children in Guam, and 1,500 copies of the poster have been printed and distributed to schools throughout the country. The poster is two-sided, side one has the 10 messages that children
We’d like to welcome a guest blogger, Christine Su. What is this resource for? Click the image to download the report. This resource came out of the Discover Learning Project, locally known as Vumbua Kujifunza. Discover was designed as an afterschool intervention for 10- and 11-year-old boys and girls in
It’s Global Handwashing Day! How can children take part? From the Global Handwashing Day website: “Handwashing with soap is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent diarrhoeal and acute respiratory infections, which take the lives of millions of children in developing countries every year. Together, they are responsible for
See below, the work of Ruth Jones, an article published in 2010. WHY has it taken us 11 years to find it! The abstract is as follows: In many Sub-Saharan African countries, the care of chronically ill, disabled, or elderly relatives is usually regarded as the responsibility of family members, within