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Over the last four weeks we have been revising our Nutrition messages and developing our nutrition poster. We expect to publish this mid-July; after our amazing and diverse team has come back with their thoughts and we finish the revisions. We will take the time to ensure we develop the
An exciting six weeks since our last newsletter in April! Malaria Poster Headline News! We published our Malaria Poster in May 14th and by the end of the month it had been downloaded over 900 times! 193 downloads in South Africa and just over 100 in Germany, the Sudan and
We have been amazed… actually startled and excited by the number of people that have downloaded our Malaria Poster since it was published on 14th May. Today we have had 936 downloads by people all over the world: the Sudan, South Africa and Norway are the top three countries where
With the dreadful news that there was an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) we decided to act. To conclude our work in Sierra Leone in 2016, we developed a poster, Safe, Strong and Smiling, with the help of practitioners living in Freetown who were working with
Many regular readers of our blog will know that we are involved in the Save the Children Signature Programmes in Nigeria and India that focus on setting up Children’s Health Clubs and get children engaging with activities focussed on Diarrhoea Prevention and Control. IMPACT IN NIGERIA (May 2018)  Between March
It was wonderful to meet Madeleine Bates and her team this week and to find out about the newly branded organisation Health Books International (HBI). HBI was originally called Teaching-aids at Low Cost (TALC) and very well known among health professionals overseas. As an organisation originally founded by David Morley (who
Our June topic is Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, it is one of our 10 topics with 10 ‘water, sanitation & hygiene’ messages for children to learn and share. You can find more information about this topic by clicking here. Our 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn and Share are
Study on Adolescent Nutrition
This is a FANTASTIC study – well worth downloading and reading. A fuller review will come in July during our Nutrition Month. Bridging the Gap: Engaging Adolescents for Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Development May 2018. WFP and Anthrologica Extract from the Forward When we first discussed the idea for this research
Our May topic is Diarrhoea, it is one of our 10 topics with 10 ‘diarrhoea’ messages for children to learn and share. You can find more information about this topic by clicking here. Our 100 Health Messages for Children to Learn and Share are simple, reliable health education messages aimed at children aged
From the desk of Clare Hanbury… When I go around the world I often ask teachers and other educators what would help and support them best in their health education work. In particular, work where they are getting children on their feet; helping them to understand, take action and reflect