100 Messages & Activities in Many Languages

We are very pleased to announce that we have branched out into many other languages! The translated content is available for free on our website and so far it includes our 100 messages for children to learn and share PLUS additional content on ideas for activities that can be done with children to help them understand, learn and share these key messages.

Here is a list of theIndian languages currently available:

  1. Assamese
  2. Bengali
  3. Hindi
  4. Kannada
  5. Konkani
  6. Malayam
  7. Marathi
  8. Oriya
  9. Punjabi
  10. Tamil
  11. Telugu
  12. Urdu
    … plus French and Swahili!

We have been VERY pleased to work with Translators without Borders on this project and we could not have done it without the outstanding help of their volunteers.

We are also creating PDF booklets for each of these languages, see the first 17 in our Free Resources section.

Please share this far and wide with your networks!

Want to see more languages in this list? Help us by becoming a translator or donating now!