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NEW! Poster & Storybook on Inclusion

We are proud to launch our latest poster and storybook pair on the topic of inclusion! This is a complex, but important topic and we were pleased to have invaluable help from Kelvin Nsekwila, John Siame, Joyce Munthali and Esther Nankamba and children at the Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation school in Sansamwenje community, Isoka District, Zambia.

Experts on the topic of inclusion also guided us and special thanks goes to Anise Waljee and Amy Collins for their many insights and suggestions.

We recruited other experts to help us from the Health Information for All Forum (HIFA) and other experts and organisations known to us including The Enabling Education Network.

We worked on the poster alongside an inclusion storybook, A Mazing Treasures and this was possible thanks to the very generous support of the Brian Murtagh Charitable Foundation.

The process of working on the poster (which we did first), meant that we could consult a range of global experts and distil the key messages we want all children to learn and feel able to share about inclusion. This process informed the development of the story.

Your can read more about the story here and download the free poster here!

Let others in your network know about these (and our other amazing) free resources! If you download either of them, we’d love to hear about how you use them.