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Child Participation in Child Protection: A FREE Toolkit

The Director of Children for Health, Clare Hanbury, prepared two sets of materials on children’s participation in child protection for Child to Child and The Keeping Children Safe Coalition, namely:


  1. A toolkit for adults working with children to involve them in their own protection; and
  2. A module to support trainers of these adults to provide guidance in some of the key concepts and skills needed to do this work.

The project involved testing the toolkit and training module in Sierra Leone, with colleagues in a number of different organisations based throughout Africa. All these organisations are members of the Keeping Children Safe Coalition. Online versions of both sets of materials can be downloaded for FREE. It is important to emphasise that while these materials aim to encourage children to get involved in child protection, we believe that its the responsibility of adults to ensure children are safe.

Here is a bit more on the materials…

The Training Module on Child Participation in Child Protection is the 5th Module within the Keeping Children Safe Tool 3. Module 5 is from pages 91 to 132 and is set out in the following way:

Module Five: Children’s Participation and Child Protection: A Guide for Training Adults

  • Exercise 5.1: Children’s participation
  • Exercise 5.2: Children taking action on child protection
  • Exercise 5.3: Overcoming barriers against effective children‘s participation
  • Exercise 5.4: Working with groups of children
  • Exercise 5.5: Active Listening
  • Exercise 5.6: Asking open questions

Tool 4 aims to provide adults working with children with exercises and activities that will get them started in learning about how to keep themselves and other children safer. Tool 4 is structured as set out below:


Module One: Children recognise what is child abuse

  • Exercise 1.1: Children’s rights
  • Exercise 1.2: Feeling safe and
  • Exercise 1.3: Understanding child abuse

Module Two: Children keeping themselves and others safe

  • Exercise 2.1: Talking about feelings
  • Exercise 2.2: Decision-making
  • Exercise 2.3: Children keeping children safe

Module Three: Making organisations feel safe for children

  • Exercise 3.1: Safe or Unsafe in communities, schools, and projects?
  • Exercise 3.2: Listening and talking about feeling unsafe
  • Exercise 3.3: Setting up children‘s groups to help keep children safe

Module Four: A Resources Guide

Or download the entire toolkit: Keeping Children Safe: A Toolkit for Child Protection.