Children for Health and Design for Change

Design For Change (DFC) is a global movement designed to give young people an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action.overviewp2

It proposes that children structure their social enterprise projects into five steps.

  1. FEEL THE CHANGE: What would you most like to create or change in your community? An idea that could touch or affect the lives of many? An idea that YOU can make happen
  2. IMAGINE THE CHANGE: Talk together about how you can create this change. Get others in your community involved. Plan how and when you will make this Act of Change happen
  3. DO THE CHANGE: Gather the resources that you will need, Go out and make it happen. Record what you do, the impact you have and how it makes you feel
  4. SHARE THE CHANGE: Celebrate your Act of Change with your community. Document YOUR STORY and how you have shared it. Upload or send your project and/or documentation to Design for Change
  5. CONTINUE THE CHANGE: Reflect back on your Act of Change and what worked well. Do you feel  the story has only just begun? What are you going to do next?
hivaids_actionThe movement was begun by Kiran Sethi and you can watch her inspirational talk on TED by clicking here. Kiran began her work at the Riverside School in India so it is rooted inn classroom practice. Design for Change has set up a contest model where children submit videos of their projects and scores of fascinating projects can be viewed on the Design for Change website.