Children for Health Hosts Videos on Participation on the Pinterest Board

Children for Health is a member of an expert group on child participation and this is convened by our director, Clare Hanbury. In July 2013, the group decided to work towards a SMART goal. The first SMART goal is to collect and produce an annotated list of relevant and publicly available VIDEOS focussing on different aspects of child participation. For the time being we are using the Children for Health Pinterest board on Child Participation Videos as a repository for the collection.

We also agreed a format for annotating the videos as follows and we are in the process of adding these annotations to the videos:

  1. Length
  2. Ages of children portrayed
  3. Main topics (health, education, child protection, Lifeskills HIV, advocacy – and more than one is fine)
  4. Language
  5. Location
  6. Ownership
  7. Technical Areas (M&E, research, analysis, programme design, implementation, research)
  8. What we think this video is useful for.

If you know of a video or collection of videos that could be a useful addition for this collection, please let us know!



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