10 Messages On Accidents & Preventing Injuries

Children for Health has developed its top 10 Messages on Accidents and Preventing Injuries for children to learn and share. Do you work with children? Do you work with any programmes, who do? Please share these messages with them. We would love to hear feedback from practitioners and others who might use or adapt such messages.

  1. Cooking areas are dangerous for young children. Keep them away from fire and from sharp or heavy objects
  2. Children need to keep away from breathing smoke from fires. It causes illness and coughing
  3. Anything poisonous must be kept out of the reach of children. Don?t put poisons in empty soft drink bottles
  4. If a child is burned, put cold water on the burn immediately until the pain lessens (10 minutes or more)
  5. Vehicles and bicycles kill and injure children every day. Be aware of all vehicles & show others how to be safe too
  6. Look out for dangers for young children like knives, glass, electric plugs, wire, nails, pins etc
  7. Stop young children eating dirt or putting small things into or near their mouths (e.g. coins, buttons) as these can block breathing.
  8. Stop young children playing near to water where they may fall in (rivers, lakes, ponds, wells)
  9. Create a first aid kit for home or school (soap, scissors, disinfectant & antiseptic cream, cotton wool, thermometer, bandages/plasters & ORS)
  10. When you go somewhere new with a young child, be aware! Look and ask about the dangers for young children.

The messages can be used by educators to use with children, as SMS text messages for older children or for households or ideas for campaigns, quizzes or games and on the social media.

At Children for Health we are developing further resources to help teachers, parents, youth workers and others mobilise children to help prevent and reduce deaths because of accidents. Many of these deaths are preventable.

When children learn and share the messages (or your list of messages), do you acknowledge and praise this? Do you give them a prize? How about helping children to make a Rainbow Stick to record the messages they learn? Read more about the Rainbow Stick idea by clicking here!

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