10 Messages on Helping Babies and Young Children Grow Well

Children for Health has developed its top 10 messages on helping babies and young children grow well, for older children to learn and share. Older children throughout the world play a MASSIVE role in caring for younger ones.

Do you work with children? Do you work with any programmes who do? Please share these messages with them. We would love to hear feedback from practitioners and others who might use or adapt such messages.

Children caring for younger one

Children caring for younger one

  1. Play games, cuddle, talk, show, laugh and sing to babies and young children as much as you can.
  2. Babies and young children become angry, afraid and tearful easily & can’t explain their feelings. Always be kind.
  3. Young children learn fast: how to walk, make sounds, eat and drink. Help them but let them make safe mistakes too!
  4. All girls and all boys, are as important as each other. Treat everyone well especially children who are sick or who have disabilities.
  5. Young children copy the actions of those around them. Look after yourself, behave well near them & show them good ways.
  6. When young children cry, there’s a reason (hunger, fear, pain). Try to find out why
  7. Help prepare young children for learning at school by playing number and word games, painting or drawing, Tell them stories, sing songs and dance.
  8. In a group, watch and record in a notebook how a baby grows into a toddler and when they do important ‘firsts’ like speak, walk & talk.
  9. Help prevent diseases by helping adult carers and older children check that babies & young children are clean (especially hands and faces), drink safe water & eat enough good food.
  10. Give loving care to babies & young children but don’t forget about yourself. You are important too!

The messages  can be used by educators to use with children, as SMS text messages for older children or for households or ideas for campaigns, quizzes or games and on the social media.

At Children for Health we are developing further resources to help teachers, parents, youth workers and others support children who already do such an amazing job of looking after younger ones.

When older children care for the little ones, do you acknowledge and praise this?  When they learn and share the messages on how to do you give them a prize? How about helping children to make a Rainbow Stick to record the messages they learn? Read more about the Rainbow Stick idea by clicking here!

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