Children for Health’s Nutrition Messages

Children for Health has developed its top 10 Nutrition Messages for children to learn, collect and share. Here they are and please tell us what you think!

Children can be taught how to weigh babies and why its important

Children can be taught how to weigh babies and why its important

  1. Food that provides energy to GO and do things, help us GROW and makes us GLOW with health is GOOD food!
  2. Malnutrition happens if we eat too little, or eat too much junk food. Avoid it by sitting & sharing the right amount of good food at meals.
  3. Children under 2 years need to be weighed each month at an under 5s clinic to check that they’re growing well.
  4. If children become thin or swollen in the face or feet or too quiet, they need to see a health worker.
  5. When children are ill they may lose appetite. Give them lots to drink and soup & more food than normal when getting better
  6. Breast milk is the only food and drink a baby needs from birth to 6 months. It has Go, Grow & Glow!
  7. After 6 months babies need breast milk + mashed or ground family food 3-4 times a day + 1 snack between each meal.
  8. Eating natural foods of different colours every week is the best way to have a healthy balanced diet
  9. Red, yellow and green fruits and vegetables are full of ‘micronutrients’ – too small to see, but they make our bodies strong.
  10. Prevent sickness & sadness by washing food we eat & cook. Use cooked food quickly or store it properly.

The messages can be used by educators to use with children, as SMS text messages for older children or for households or ideas for campaigns, quizzes or games and on the social media. Do send us any ideas or suggestions you may have… but remember we only want the ten top messages!

If you click this link you will go to our collection where you will find after each message there is a chance to ‘read more’. When you click on the ‘read more’ button after each message, it will take you to a page on a bit more information about that message for children to learn plus ideas to help children connect the learning of this message with their actual situation so that they can start to understand the real life nutrition challenges they face.

If you click this link here, on another of our posts we talk about how children help to tackle obesity.



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