Community Newsletter | October 2017

A bandaged hand as a symbol on a Children for Health storybook Our Topic Focus for October has been Accidents & Preventing Injuries and what children can do.

It’s been an interesting month with a big focus on letting more people know about our ideas, products and services and learning more about what others are doing too. Click here for a quick overview of the complete round-up.

We’ve been using social media much more (especially Twitter) and this will only get stronger. So if you are on social media, please follow us; if you’re not, please consider joining us on:

One of the things we have decided to do is give away one of our Children for Health products for FREE each month. This month we are giving away our Rainbow Flower Training Tool and, to celebrate Health Literacy Month, our 100 Messages Poster. Both of these will soon be available on a ‘FREE STUFF’ area on our website. Next month we will be giving away one of our storybooks.

Please share these links with anyone you know who might be interested in finding out more about us. If you use these materials in your work, please let us know!

Last weekend we were very pleased to engage with the 11th World Congress of on Adolescent Health and no, this did not mean going to New Delhi where it was being held! We participated from our office just outside Cambridge, UK. We watched key presentations on Facebook, commented on and contributed to the debate on Twitter and reconnected at a distance with old friends!

The IAAH conference highlighted the dreadful statistics on anaemia in adolescents (50% of adolescents in India are anaemic)… so we got straight to it and drafted a new set of messages on understanding and preventing anaemia. A good diet is the best way to prevent anaemia and this within the grasp of most adolescents. Have a look at our set of draft messages here.

These are not finished so please contact us to help directly or send them to someone who you think might be able to help.

The conference also included a very good presentation on, “empowerment in early adolescence” – this topic is central to what we do. We distilled the presentation for you here and there is a very important distinction made – between developing the capacity of adolescence and developing the opportunity for empowered adolescents to take action. Food for thought.

It’s November tomorrow and a new plan is for Clare to do a Facebook Live Video on the first day of every month (at least!) so check in with us on FB if you want to see Clare.

Next month please take one action for us and let one person know about our work. There’s plenty on the blog this month to share.

Thanks for all your support,

The Children for Health Team