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Children Find & Solve Health Issues | Mozambique Adventure 2020 #6

In March 2020 Children for Health’s founder and CEO, Clare Hanbury travelled to Mozambique for 11 days to continue her work with the PCAAN nutrition programme. She shared her journey progress with followers on LinkedIn, read on to see what she got up to!

When in Mozambique, I had a long and fascinating discussion with the wonderful Bibiche Sangwa who is leading the Mozambican work. She sees our work involving children as agents of change in health not only working to immediately improve health practices but that this approach develops vital skills linked to setting up businesses and entrepreneurship later in life.

Our approach requires children to identify problems or issues and to think critically and creatively to come up with manageable solutions for their own families – and to sustain these solutions. The adults around them can be a barrier to their success but they often find interesting ways around this, specific to their context.

Here is a photo of the discussion we had as a whole group in identifying health issues of concern to the children, discussing what can be done to address these concerns and which of the health issues they considered a priority. As you can see this is done in a fun way! childhealth Mozambique childparticipation healtheducation lifeskills