London | 28 April, 2022

Dear Friends, ZuZu and ZaZa posed by a window

It’s been all change for me this month. In late March I travelled from Alderney to London and found that I rather liked being in the city. Then I went to Luxembourg to meet my new-born great niece and found I liked her (a lot). Then, by the time I got back to the island, things had shifted for me.

For almost two years, I’d been borrowing a house from friends, and I decided it was time they had their house back. So now I am back in London, but soon I will be on the road – with my laptop – combining work and adventure in the coming months. My island friends are alarmed, but they mustn’t be… a big part of my heart is there, and I plan to live there a good chunk of each year – but the world has called out! I have ZuZu and ZaZa with me and they will let you know where we are!

Our True Colors! (American spelling!)

So delighted to let you know that we’ve finally launched a new storybook: Our True Colors. It was developed with children, teachers and health experts in Guam. I say ‘finally’ as we started working on this a year ago!

Cover of Our True Colors storybook

I conducted virtual training of a facilitator in April 2021, then she conducted remote lessons with groups of children, who in turn generated ideas, themes and story snippets – which we took and developed with the children over their summer holidays, lockdowns and people getting ill etc. So here we are and PLEASE download it and send the link (not the book) to all those you think might be interested.

We have two versions, one optimised for printing and one for digital devices.

The book is appropriate to any setting. If the book’s text looks simple remember: it’s also designed for older children to read to younger ones. There are also lots of activities at the back for children to participate in. Do take a look!

Poster Updates

The immunisation poster that featured in the last newsletter has done incredibly well in its first few weeks – being downloaded over 400 times in over 50 countries. Do keep downloading and share it!

It was a large and lively group of experts who helped with this and it’s being used in schools in Kenya soon and we look forward to seeing and sharing photos of this.

Meanwhile, we have had the thumbs up from children and teachers in Eswatini on our HIV & AIDS poster so that can now be finalised, and which will feature in our next newsletter. The children have also been developing storylines for us. They will be involved in developing the next draft too and reviewing the artwork. It’s a great, collaborative process and good fun.

We have loads of free posters, storybooks, guides and more available for free!

PCAANS Changara

The PCAANS Toolkit is now translated into English and Portuguese and being typeset for publication soon. This will showcase our programme at a school in Mozambique and demonstrate what can be done in a classroom using our content and activities!

Social Media

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Best wishes to you all,

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