Community Newsletter August 2018

Delighted with the number and reach of our downloads!

We published our Nutrition Poster on August 1st and since then it has been downloaded 285 times.

Download this and other Free Resources on our website now!

Please help us get the word out and forward this newsletter or send a link to the poster to people you know who might like to see it.

If you (or your organisation!) would like to help us develop the remaining eight posters, please get in touch!

Topic Month? No! Rest Up Month!

August is the month when our CEO, Clare Hanbury goes off to her beloved island of Alderney in the English Channel. This year her version of rest was to walk three hours a day and attend one or two yoga classes a day!

Monitoring All Downloads

In August our free resources (posters, story books and booklets) were downloaded 916 times! The data on our reach tells us that over the summer, our materials were downloaded 4,106 times in 94 countries. In addition to this, our story books are being downloaded from the World Reader platform. We’re delighted and excited to know that our resources are helping children and their educators across the globe.

A New storybook in Progress

We are sometimes asked what a school that embraces all the Children for Health ideas might be like! So we are working with our Children for Health author, Liz Gifford, and a couple of field partners to develop a storybook that takes on this challenge. This will be our first non ‘health topic’ related story. Let us know if you would like to help us by reading the first draft or ideally, reading it with a group of children aged 10-12 and sending us back your views.

Partnerships in Progress

Our new partnership with Peek Vision was finalised in August and we are soon off to Zimbabwe.

We have submitted a proposal with INTO-giving to conduct a project with children using the Memory Places approach. We will keep you posted on this

Other Activities 

ZuZu & ZaZa enjoying the great outdoors

Children for Health has been a little quiet recently and there has not been a lot on the blog. I have been away travelling in Japan with my 16-year-old son and it’s now the summer school holidays when the business of the charity is a little slower than usual.

We’ll swing back into action in September, but meanwhile, why not take some time and explore behind the scenes in How We Do It or browse through our Blog Archives.

Thank you and best wishes,