Community Newsletter June 2018

An exciting six weeks since our last newsletter in April!

Malaria Poster Headline News!

We published our Malaria Poster in May 14th and by the end of the month it had been downloaded over 900 times! 193 downloads in South Africa and just over 100 in Germany, the Sudan and Norway! We have had many messages of interest and thanks come in for the poster. Download this and other Free Resources on our website now.

Nutrition Poster

Inspired and motivated by this we launched right into developing our next poster, for Nutrition. We are using the same template and the same process. It all takes about six weeks and this because we need to an assemble an expert team from around the world to review the messages and images (which they do for free). The artist needs to work closely on this too as we the feedback is better when we can show the poster in as finished a form as possible. So, by the middle of next month we aim to have our new poster ready to show the world!

If you (or your organisation!) would like to help us develop the remaining eight posters, please get in touch!

WASH Month

It’s Water, Sanitation & Hygiene month and to mark this Topic of the Month we have done our usual work to broadcast our WASH resources.

Also, we have been back in touch with our Save the Children Partners in India and Nigeria to follow up where they are at with their programmes focussing on setting up Children’s Health Clubs to help with Diarrhoea Prevention and Control. For more information on this partnership have a look here. It’s been great hearing their news… and how’s this for impact:

  • In India, children as peer educators have reached 8,300 children from 100 semi-urban or rural schools. These 8,300 children have reached out to approximately 32,500 family members.
  • In Nigeria, children as peer educators have reached 13,502 children from 48 urban schools. These 13,502 children will reach out to their family members.

Safe, Strong and Smiling in 2018

We have revised our Safe Strong and Smiling Poster. We developed it alongside practitioners in Sierra Leone in the aftermath of the Ebola epidemic in 2015-2016. The 2018 edition gives more guidance on the messages and the activities that children can do to learn and share the messages and skills. Our 2015 Outstanding Partner, Bibiche Mwalutshie Sangwa, who in Congolese but who lives and works in Mozambique helped us translate the poster into French and Lingala. Lingala is one of the languages spoken throughout the north western part of the DRC. Click here for more about the posters and for download links for each version.


We stuck to the very highest of standards when it came to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect 25th May, 2018. We asked all members of our community to OPT IN and confirm their subscription and as a result our community is smaller, but just as committed to our work! If you want to join our community, click here!

Partnerships in Progress

Our new partnerships with Peek Vision and with the WHO mentioned in the April newsletter have somewhat stalled and this has been a little disappointing. But we are told these are delays and not down to any lack of enthusiasm for what we have to offer.

New Partnerships

  • C3 – Clare was very pleased to meet Hester and Christine Hancock at C3. The name C 3 = C for Collaboration and 3 = a focus on the 3 risk factors that impact non-communicable diseases:
    1. Unhealthy eating and drinking
    2. Lack of physical activity and
    3. Tobacco use.

    We found very many points of mutual interest and plan to continue to look at how we can work together. As a start, Christine invited Clare to present at a breakfast meeting and to feature the work of CfH on their blog. Find out more about C3 here.

  • Health Books International (HBI) – It was wonderful to meet Madeleine Bates and her team and to find out about the newly branded organisation that once was TALC. As an organisation originally founded by David Morley, we have common roots but found much more in common and in particular how to best serve the poorest people in the world access the best, up-to-date and accurate health information. HBI is enthusiastic to list our free resources on their website and help us find new networks to get more people knowing about them. For more information and for photos of our meeting, take a look at a short post on our blog.

This Month on the Blog

In addition to the links we have set out above, read more from our blog:

We hope you have enjoyed this round-up. Please share it (or any blog posts!) and help us grow our community.

Thank you and best wishes,

Clare Hanbury
Founder & CEO, Children for Health